Recreation Department

riqrioßiŋ ðiþortmiŋð

"Enjoy Life"

Dagostinia's Recreation Department ensures that morale stays high by creating and maintaining activities that can be enjoyed by citizens and visitors alike.

With a recent increase in our land area and diversity, Dagostinia will be able to create many outdoor opportunities. An abundance of Douglas Fir trees will allow for zip lines, rope courses, crow's nests, etc. The forested hillside can host hiking trails and wildlife viewing areas. Also, many natural features such as hiking, snowboarding, and beach trips are enjoyed outside of Dagostinia's borders.

Within Dagostinia citizens can enjoy camping, bird-watching, nature hikes and other outdoor activities.  Children can enjoy the pool and play structures in the recreation areas.  Other projects are planned as space and time permit.

Recreation is not limited to outside.  On the common rainy day the libraries hold volumes of books, music, board games and other pastimes.  Dagostinia has also developed her own deck of cards to be used for many different types of games.

The Recreation Department also maintains National Sites as well.  The Peace Pipes are a tribute to other micronations.  Windows to the World is a tribute to macronations.

Peace Pipes                                                Windows to the World

National Sport: Bocce

Deck of Cards

Current Facilities:

Picnic Grounds

Swimming pool (seasonal)

Bocce court

Croquet field

Future Plans:

Mini golf

Volleyball /Badminton field

Sight seeing:

Peace Pipes

Garden Arch

Windows to the World