We the people of Dagostinia do believe that our rights are inherently endowed by our Creator and are not given by the government, the Monarch, nor any other human source.  We do hereby pursue the goals of this Constitution, establishing the Nation of Dagostinia.

Article I:

(1) Citizens of Dagostinia are all humans who are children of a citizen of Dagostinia, who are born in Dagostinia, or who are naturalized.
(2) The official language in Dagostinia is Dagostinian English.

Article II:

(1) Dagostinia is a secular, sovereign, and democratic Nation. All entities of Dagostinia must yield to these principles.
(2) This Constitution is the supreme law of the land; it is directly binding on all Dagostinian authority. The general rules of public international law constitute an integral, inviolable part of the national law.

Article III:

(1) Dagostinia has National Colors, the State Flag, Seal, and Coat of Arms as well as the National Anthem.
(2) Dagostinia's Motto is "In Omnia Paratus."
(3) The capital of Dagostinia is Homestead Province.

Article IV:

(1) Dagostinia promotes justice and universal protection of human rights as individual rights. The State encourages fraternity among its citizens by establishing solidarity, general welfare, and national unity.
(2) The State promotes:
    (a) public health care;
    (b) education and schooling;
    (c) schemes for social welfare;
    (d) preservation and development of culture;
    (e) preservation and maintenance of historical objects;
    (f) environmental protection, intergenerational equity, and the protection of nature for its intrinsic value including the protection of nature's right;
    (g) natural and social sciences.

Article V:

(1) Dagostinia promotes worldwide peace. Acts undertaken to prepare war or to otherwise disturb the peaceful relations between nations are unconstitutional.
(2) Dagostinia takes adequate measures to preserve its integrity even in the state of war or civil war.
(3) Dagostinia protects the People against terrorism, extremism, and catastrophes.

Article VI:

(1) The Monarch is the highest authority in Dagostinia.
(2) The Monarch is appointed for life and is replaced by the Monarch's heir. The Monarch may step down at any time and appoint a successor, whether heir or not.
(3) The Monarch is the source of all new law bills. These bills may be voted into law by those of age. Bills may be proposed to the Monarch.

Article VII:

(1) All people of Dagostinia have rights afforded to them by their Creator including, but not limited to:
    (a) Freedom of religion to practice as they please;
    (b) Freedom of speech to say as they please;
    (c) Freedom of press to print as they please;
    (d) Freedom to assemble as they please for any reason;
    (e) Freedom to petition the Monarch for change;
(2) All aforementioned freedoms, as long as are carried out peaceably and without malintent for the Monarch, the rights of others, or the nation may be done without worry of persecution.

Article VIII:

(1) In the case that one citizen bring claims against another:
    (a) The convicted shall remain innocent until proven guilty;
    (b) Evidence and/or witnesses shall be brought forth to support said claim;
    (c) The convicted shall not be held until a guilty charge is made;
(2) If the accused be found guilty then the accuser may be compensated full value for the loss by the convicted;
(3) If the accused be found innocent then the accuser shall give D
ω1 to the accused;
(4) If the accused be charged guilty and later found innocent, the accuser must repay the fine levied on the accused as well as D

Article IX:

(1) All claims shall be brought before and decided by the Monarch.  Any claims against the Monarch shall be decided by the Office of Oversight.

Article X:

(1) Dagostinia recognizes all nations, regardless of size excepting the following conditions:
    (a)The nation does not have land under its direct control;
    (b)The nation does not have a permanent population;
    (c)The nation is unstable politically or otherwise;
    (d)The nation is racist, genocidal, non-peaceful or otherwise limits the rights of it's people;
    (e)The nation is involved in illegal or fraudulent activities.