Housing Department

`oußiŋ ðiþorðmiŋð

"We've got you covered"

The Housing Department builds and maintains all structure types throughout the Dagostinian nation.  Dagostinia currently consists of the following structures:

  • one home, 912sf
  • one warehouse, 330sf
  • one workshop, 60sf
  • one cabaña, 45sf
  • one agriculture shed, 32sf
  • one rabbit shed, 32sf
  • two chicken coops, 30sf and 12sf
  • one woodshed, 18sf
  • one playhouse, 15sf
  • one Small Threats Division guardshack, 2sf

The Housing Department and the Transportation Department work together for the creation of villages.  The Energy Department inputs into this work as well to ensure that resources are used wisely.

Dagostinia contracts all design work through Istockhouseplans, a Dagostinian company.