Energy Department

iŋirji ðiþorðmiŋð

"Less power is more power"

Dagostinia's Energy Department is concerned with both the production and conservation of energy.  The Energy Department manages the Energy Conservation Division, the Smart Building Division, and the Renewable Energy Division.

The Monarch's mansion has received an energy upgrade!  All walls have been retrofitted with high density blow-in cellulose insulation.  This has saved enough on utility costs to pay for itself in the first year.  The next phase will be a floor insulation retrofit.  The attic has already been upgraded from R-3 to R-18 and may receive another bump in the future.

Dagostinia has installed solar power!  Nine panels have been installed on the roof of the Monarch's Mansion.  Total output should be enough to offset 25% of the nation's usage.  Further conservation measures will increase this offset.

Energy Divisions:


Smart Building