Executive Office

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Dagostinia's Executive Office is held by the Monarch for life.  The Monarch's goal is to ensure the health and welfare of all his citizens.  The greatest desire is to remove the umbilical cord from our surrounding macro-entities.  As the surrounding macronation shows less and less interest in the true welfare of its people, Dagostinia has decided that the best policy is its own policy.  The Monarch will work to create as much self-sufficiency as possible from goods creation to services to income through exports.  This ideology is not intended to cloister ourselves from the rest of the world.  Rather, we hope that we can slowly bring more people in who share our goals.  Those people will possess skills that can be utilized to further grow the micronation.

This position was self-appointed and remains for life.  Should the Monarch pass, control of the nation shall go first to the Office of Oversight, then suffrage aged sons in birth order, then suffrage aged daughters in birth order.  At it's discretion, the Office of Oversight may dissolve the micronation and surrender the land back to control of it's original holder.

Most decrees, orders, and departments are headed by the Monarch.  All citizens are subject to the Monarch and his rulings.  The Monarch is balanced by the Office of Oversight and has no intention of being cruel or megalomaniacal.  The Monarch keeps the best interests of his nation at heart and strives to advance Dagostinia to the top of the list.

The question of what type of government to establish was given much consideration.  Since the nation is largely patriarchal, it was decided to follow the same flow as a family might, that is, a constitutional monarchy.  The Monarch is head of the State.  The Office of Oversight offers balance to the authority.  The Constitution ensures that basic tenets are upheld.  The citizens are guaranteed protection and freedoms.  The freedoms are deemed to come directly from a Supreme Being and not from the human ruler.  Once citizens reach an age of suffrage, they are free to vote in affairs of the nation.

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