The Monarch will give honors to citizens who show exemplary growth or service in their fields or personal life.

  • `i moŋorq - The High Monarch award is currently the greatest award that can be given.  It is awarded upon commencement of some brave deed or action in response to a serious threat against Dagostinia, it's citizens, or it's well-being.  Such actions might include thwarting a hostile intruder despite risk of injury being imminent.
  • ðiojiŋiß - The Diogenes award is given to individuals or groups who devise, create, and implement solutions to problems.  The solution should be one that is recognized as being the simplest and therefore most efficient solution.
  • ßiŋqo - The Sinka is given for small obstacles overcome and other minor feats.  It is given freely and without record.
The Monarch's Star