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Dagostinia's news service, The Occasional Birdie offers news tidbits as they happen.

JUN 2018

Jun 29th, 2018 - Bigger and Better - Dagostinia is not failed. We have been very busy over the last couple of years, made all the moreso by a recent acquisition. Dagostinia is now in stewardship of 0.88 acres, up from the previous 0.11 acres. The new land provides for upcoming housing, new commerce in the form of real estate investment and rentals as well as increased area for produce and livestock production.

In the first week on the new property we have seen butterflies, dragonflies, all manner of birds, and deer. Very occasional posts as they are relevant.

JAN 2016

Jan 08th, 2016 - Fluffy and White - After a few failed attempts the rabbit breeding pair has had a successful litter! Eight kits were born and all are healthy and happy. While they are simply adorable minizens will need to keep their emotions in check. The bunnies will soon grow to larger sizes and be put onto the dinner table.

Jan 03rd, 2016 - White and Fluffy - A rare occurence in Dagostinia, snow arrived. Minizens are of course overjoyed especially as it means the potential for school closures. Extra measures are being taken to ensure livestock comfort as well as citizen safety. Neighbor of Dagostinia was kind enough to shovel the sidewalks in front of three propertiues including ours. Dagostinia reciprocated by clearing additional areas from snowpack.

DEC 2015

Dec 25th, 2015 - Quiet Yule - Dagostinians enjoyed a very quiet and private Christmas celebration this year. With extended family being elsewhere or gathering several days prior, the First Family enjoyed the holiday with relative calm. The planned meal of rabbit was waylaid on two counts. Rabbit production had been delayed but the First Family was also gifted with a beautiful piece of prime rib. This was a traditional dinner of the Monarch's Father and it was too good an opportunity to let the tradition pass.

NOV 2015

Nov 24th, 2015 - A New Era - Father of the Monarch has been planning a move for quite a while. All pieces finally fell into place and the 3,000 mile move began. The First Family went to visit the Monarch's Father to help with a few final details and ended up spending the entire day with him. This was the last opportunity for minizens to see him for a quite a while and we are glad that our last day together worked out well. After dinner at a local restaurant the Monarch's Father started his journey with the intent to visit other family along the way. We bid him Godspeed and good luck in his new adventure!

Nov 20th, 2015 - Coon vs Chicken - After several nights of scaring off raccoons at 3am, the raccoon finally won. An old flock hen was taken after the wind compromised the lock on the hen coop. Repairs were made the next morning and an offensive measure was taken.

Nov 01st, 2015 - More Ebooks! - Dagostinian business Dag's Bricks has just released a new ebook covering tips and techniques for selling LEGO online. The book is further advancement of the company's ideals, to share the hobby with everyone. Dag's Bricks pulls back the curtain and reveals how they have been a successful company selling LEGO parts and what other endeavors they've mixed in to stay relevant. For anyone wanting to start a home side business, this is a must read!

OCT 2015

Oct 21st, 2015 - Improved Pathways - A plan for improving Garden Gate Path from the Monarch's Mansion to Garden Terrace had been planned for some time. Most of the work was finally carried out today. The pathway had been dug down for months but weed block and a rock base were finally laid. Recently acquired stepping stones were nestled amongst the rock and decorative stones were used to fill in the gap. There is still a 5' section that needs to be finished but the improvement is much noted especially as a wet winter draws near.

Oct 14th, 2015 - Mama Kitty - Mama Kitty passed away last night in her apartment. While Dagostinians are mourning the loss this was not unexpected. Mama Kitty suffered from several issues but kept on being. A few years ago she was diagnosed with a collapsed lung. She also had occasional seizures which were finally linked to hairballs. While that issue was solved with a supplement, her failing kidneys were not. Cause of death is determined as renal failure. A burial and memorial took place in the afternoon. Mama kitty is buried in Garden Terrace behind the new tool shed.

SEP 2015

Sep 26th, 2015 - Like Bunnies - Cali and Zio the first rabbit couple were introduced today. Their mating started off a little rocky with Zio not understanding the face from the tail. With a little gentle coaxing and help from the handler, everything ended up fine. Minizens were invited to watch to learn about how babies are made. Baby bunnies are expected about October 27th. Dagostinia was hoping to have a meal of rabbit for Christmas dinner. A few of the bunnies may be taken younger than ideal to satisfy this timeline with the remainder allowed to grow for a few more weeks. Our micronation is very excited about raising our own meat. The Monarch's goal is to be able to eat a meal that is completely Dagostinian. This would consist of any food item grown on our soil such as rabbit meat, vegetables and any herbs. Salt and pepper would be out but a basic egg based salad dressing would be possible. Next up, pygmy goat milk?

Sep 09th, 2015 - Flock 4.0 - Having been 3 full years since the current flock was added to service, it was determined that new layers were needed. Last winter experienced dismal egg production due to the age of the current hens. Rather than suffer this shortage another winter, four new Cream Legbars were added to the livestock roster. The current flock will be fattened for the stewpot over the next month.

AUG 2015

Aug 24th, 2015 - Animal Rescue - Minizens with neighboring children have been mentioning an Animal Rescue Service for quite a while. The business was officially started today as plans were made and positions were discussed. The business plans to search for lost animals and care for them until the owners can be found. Finder's rewards and donations for animal care supplies are accepted.

Aug 21st, 2015 - Survival Holiday - The first family made their annual camping trip this last week. As usual, techniques were honed and supplies constantly considered as to the best way to act in a survival situation should the need occur. As the first minizens are growing, these skills are being taught and the process is becoming easier overall. Dragonfly Trailers was again pleased to lend one of their models to be used for equipment and testing.

Aug 07th, 2015 - Neighbor Relations - Dagostinia hosted a small gathering of local citizens in our park space to meet new neighbors and talk about some recent local events. New friends were made, contact info exchanged and, in all, a better neighborhood is being formed.

Aug 04th, 2015 - On Holiday - The First Family kicked off the St. Augustine's holiday with a trip to family of the Monarch. The Monarch's sister had invited them to stay for a weekend at her family's house. This was also a good opportunity for the first minizens to spend a few days with a cousin that they otherwise only see for a few hours several times a year. The Geography Department took advantage of the trip by suggesting a route that was designed to cover previously untraveled highways and to photograph post offices. Everybody enjoyed their stay and a day trip to the beach was the highlight.

JULY 2015

July 09th, 2015 - Plummeting - Guests to Dagostinia were pleased to try to knock fruit from the plum tree resulting in a few hilarious incidences. Regardless, they harvested almost 7 pounds of future prunes.  Before they get dried out or moldy, the Monarch is going to experiment with making fruit leathers. That's like fruit rollups for grownups. Rum plum flavor anyone?

JUNE 2015

June 18th, 2015 - Monarch's Day - Minizens were quick to wish the Monarch a happy day today, even before his coffee. The day's plans include relaxing in the sun and a BBQ with friends. Then two dinner engagements over the next two days. Many thanks to the Monarch for keeping this micronation solvent and secure!

MAY 2015

May 22nd, 2015 - First Fruits - Minizens enjoyed picking raspberries today, the first real harvest of the year. Most of them made it to the weigh-in with a little extra being accounted for those that had gone straight to the lips first. Strawberries have been picked here and there but this is our first true gathering of produce. It has been a very amenable year so far and all crops are doing splendidly.

May 21st, 2015 - Bird Spy - The chickadee house has a new resident. Bird houses are made to specific sizes to accommodate specific birds. Over time the entrance to the chickadee house seems to have grown larger to the point that it has now become preferable to sparrows. As such, a sparrow family has taken up residence in it. The birds are very nervous upon exiting and entering when they are being watched. The Monarch himself made observation of the new residents, confirming the change of occupancy. It appears a new chickadee house will have to be made for next spring.

APR 2015

Apr 27th, 2015 - Welcome, Zio - The progenitor of our new rabbit herd, Zio, was acquired today. Zio is a full bred New Zealand White. The name is a play on the breed but is also Italian for "uncle". It seems like a fitting name for the grandfather of Dagostinia's herd. Cali and Zio were given a brief introduction but they will not meet again for about 3-4 more months.

Apr 24th, 2015 - Hop on Inn - While Cali was acquired a couple of weeks ago, adequate shelter was still not completed. The lucky lady got to live inside the Monarch's Mansion until the Rabbit Shed could be completed. This marks the fourth agriculture building from Dagostinia's Agriculture and Housing Departments. The shed is 4'x8' built in a classic style out of reclaimed wood that had been painted white. There are still a few final touches to be put on. The shed is designed to hold 4 cages as well as basic rabbit supplies. Dagostinians are very excited about the addition of a steady supply of local meat.

Apr 07th, 2015 - Bunnification! - Dagostinia has just acquired its start for a brand new venture. "Cali", a California White doe is the first member of the rabbit herd. The Rabbits will become an integral part of the food supply as well as provide responsibility and lessons for minizens. A side benefit is that the pelts can be used around the micronation for various projects, mainly clothing and accessories.

MAR 2015

Mar 22nd, 2015 - Sixth Anniversary - Half a dozen years ago the Monarch declared the micronation of Dagostinia into existence. What has changed in that time:

    The business sector has grown. Dagostinia now boasts 9 companies.

    The economic sector has grown. Dagostinia has continued making small loans to Third World entrepreneurs.

    Energy has become more independent. Dagostinia's water and energy conservation measures coupled with solar panels has hedged our future against energy price increases.

    Education has grown. All Dagostinian citizens have been learning Spanish.

    Food security is strong. Between crops, preservation, and careful planning, Dagostinia has a several weeks' supply of food.

    Government has stayed small. The presence of government is almost non-existent, only as needed.

    Debt has shrunk. Due to wise fiscal planning, a spending freeze, and some financial wizardy, Dagostinia is poised to continue weathering poor economic times when they return.

Mar 20th, 2015 - Peed Of - A recent wind storm did damage to some of the crop enclosures in Garden Terrace. It was discovered that the livestock had gotten into the pea bed and eaten all the seeds. Perhaps it's the Agriculture Department's fault for not getting them their feed soon enough, opportunistic little buggers. The flock has been pardoned this time, but only because some pea seed still remained for a replanting.

Mar 06th, 2015 - Helping Out - The Office of Oversight commissioned a local neighbor to dig a path. Identified as "Josh", this gentleman had approached the Officer and asked if there was any work he could do to make some money. The young man's eyes seemed pretty clear so the Monarch took this as an opportunity to extend some hospitality. Josh was commissioned to dig a 3' wide trench about 4" deep. This would become the bed for a new pathway to Garden Terrace. After two hours (and plenty of generous snacks), Josh received his pay and an armload of food. We appreciate his dedication to hard work!

FEB 2015

Feb 28th, 2015 - The Season for Peas In - Garden beds were prepped for the first time this season. Crop planning started anew after a couple of years of a very laid back permaculture approach. The peas were laid in with some fresh compost. Dagostinians can hardly wait to experience the first crunch of the pods!

Feb 16th, 2015 - Hopping Along - During this Week of the Bride, Dagostinians spent some time cleaning up Garden Village and Garden Terrace. One of the newly installed features is the Rabbit complex. Three hutches were rescued several months ago and have been temporarily placed. A few more logistics are needed before they can be occupied. All three hutches are planned to empty into a worm bin in order to create rich garden amendments from the waste. Two hutches are large enough to each contain a doe and her babies while the smaller hutch will house a breeding buck. This will be Dagostinia's first foray into full time meat production.

JAN 2015

Jan 19th, 2015 - Loan #9 - Dagostinia's Third World loan process has become more stringent in the past several months. Nonetheless, Dagostinia has made its ninth loan on the lending website Kiva. Sunday is a Zambian businessman who makes small loans to fellow countrymen. The loan to him will enable him to make more loans and enlarge his business. With the extra money he promises to send his wife back to school so that she may increase her education for getting a job as well. Dagostinia. An increasing amount of requests have been made for personal expenses, expanding one's own home, buying a motorcycle, etc. While it is understandable that these expenses can ultimately help the recipient's situation, Dagostinia prefers to make loans that will directly benefit the individual's business pursuits.

DEC 2014

Dec 26th, 2014 - Boxing Day - As a wee lad, The Monarch always supposed that the day after Christmas was a big day in Canada for pugilistic sports.  The truth was discovered in his early teens.  Today, Dagostinians celebrate Boxing Day as a way to clean up from yesterday's festivities and give to the needy.  The Oversight's family has offered to assist with this chore in a few days' time.  It will be exciting to work on streamlining the micronation as well as see how much we can help our less fortunate neighbors.

Dec 14th, 2014 - Christmas Tree - The First Family harvested their tree today in true Dagostinian style.  A local tree farm had become uncared for over the last several years and was selling their ungroomed trees for discount prices.  Minizens were disappointed that all the trees looked like forest trees instead of Holiday Cones.  However, a 20' tree was selected for it's center section.  The bottom 6' was removed as was the top 6'.  The center 8' was then pruned to a nice shape with a nice strong trunk.  Minizens were still not impressed until the tree was decked out.  Then, the magic happened.

NOV 2014

Nov 12th, 2014 - Weather Inversion - After returning from beautiful sun and 70°F weather, Dagostinians were a little shocked to receive sub freezing temperatures coupled with precipitation.  It seems winter has not just fallen but slammed into our little micronation.

Nov 11th, 2014 - Foreign Exploration - A team of Dagostinian surveyors just returned from a long journey to the Lake Shasta area of California.  The point of the mission was to survey old US government infrastructure.  Lake Shasta is a recent phenomenon created by the Shasta Dam in the late 1940's.  In the process, many miles of historic Pacific Highway was buried.  These roads had become exposed.  The team will use this data to work on a GIS project used for tracking the old highway and make it available to the public when ready.

OCT 2014

Oct 23rd, 2014 - Summer Finale - Dagostinia has been treated to a wonderful Indian summer.  While this would have been a great opportunity for crops to continue maturing, they unfortunately have not.  Old seed stock coupled with tired soil has offered a lackluster performance.  Late peas put in have thrived, ensuring that there will be seed stock for next year.  Dagostinia is now receiving heavy rains that are making up for the string of dry summer months.  Gardens have not been put to sleep yet but the wet recharge should help the soil stay moist for next spring's plantings

Oct 18th, 2014 - Major Cleanup - Dagostinia was party to a cleanup event in the larger community.  Neighbors of Dagostinia host a dumpster every fall for others to get rid of their discards that are generally too large for the curbside trash service.  Dagostinia helps with logistics and muscle so that everything can be done in a streamlined manner.  Salvage was low this year but some key items were kept.

Oct 4th, 2014 - Minor Cleanup - When friends of Dagostinia announced a cleanup on a busy commercial street several blocks away, we were happy to lend a hand.  When the day arrived, however, scheduling was difficult.  Rather than admit defeat, Dagostinia kicked in and cleaned up garbage from around it's immediate vicinity.  Roughly a quarter mile of street gutter was relieved of trash, thanks to citizens and minizens.

SEP 2014

Sep 23rd, 2014 - Rain, Rain - After three months of virtually no precipitation, Dagostinia received a brief overnight shower.  While not enough to replenish the rain barrels, we thank Mother Nature for relieving the water bill for a few days.

Sep 12th, 2014 - Figging It - Plum tree number two has been a worthless piece of vegetation.  In the six years of it's existence it has given only a dozen plums that were immediately attacked by aphids and ants.  Perhaps it has not been treated well but plum tree number one is doing fine with the same level of care.  The barren plum tree finally received a heavy pruning, right down to the trunk.  In it's place will be installed a fig tree.  In the meantime, figs are ripening on a tree up the street and Dagostinians have been enjoying the overhanging fruits.  The Fruit Walk of June 2013 has been worthwhile.

AUG 2014

Aug 10th, 2014 - Mussels Shoals - The first family spent the weekend with the Oversight's parents at a beach cabin.  The cabin overlooked the Pacific with near 180° views.  There was little sandy beach to speak of but the minizens were rather delighted with all the rock formations and tide pools a mere 2 minutes walk from the house.  The Monarch was especially delighted with the abundance of mussels that were present.  Not one to leave a good opportunity wasted, about a dozen were picked and steamed.  Despite the parents' refusal to eat any of the shellfish, a good time was had by all.

Aug 02nd, 2014 - Pressing Matters - Dagostinia's closest neighbor chose to make cider today.  Up the road are some very heavy apple trees whose owner wants to all but cut down.  Dagostinians and neighbors gathered much of the fruit and had a pressing party.  More than 10 gallons was gleaned from the pickings.  The neighbor will be turning his into hard cider.  Dagostinia took home 5 gallons which was drunk with much gusto for several days by citizens of all ages.  After several days it began to ferment but was still highly palatable.  Minizens were cut off but the Monarch especially has been enjoying the summer beverage.

JUL 2014

Jul 28th, 2014 - Critter Sighting - For the first time in Dagostinia's history, a skunk has been seen within the borders.  After midnight, there was some rustling and sounds of nervous chickens.  The Monarch dashed out to ascertain the problem and found a skunk in Garden Village.  After securing the chickens and chasing the predator for several minutes, it finally disappeared into the night.  No harm or spray came to any animals or people.

Jul 25th, 2014 - St. Augustine's Holiday - The First Family returned from their St. Augustine's holiday.  Due to other circumstances it was taken early this year.  The Family visited a campground for five days, testing out their survival skills and some new equipment.  The highlight of the trip was the loan of Dragonfly Trailers' in-progress teardrop trailer.  The trailer was made road worthy just in time for the trip but was still not water tight.  The Monarch himself took care to cover the trailer with a tarp.

And a good idea it was.  There was a 24 hour stretch of rain, including some heavy overnight rain.  While other campsites were flooded, the First Family had used plenty of tarps (including under the tent) as well as dug some trenches to keep surface water from running through the tent.  The mitigation was successful.  There was only minor water inside the tent and the trailer and all other equipment stayed dry.

The Monarch also engaged with an Austrian couple at the campsite.  The conversation was mostly in English but there was an amount of German traded back and forth as well.

Jul 13th, 2014 - Community Service - Dagostinians sponsored a spontaneous community service event today.  The macrojurisdictional road in front of the micronation was littered with weeds along the curb.  Dagostinians pulled out shovels and brooms and cleaned the gutters for 200' on either side of the street.  Neighbors were pleasantly surprised to find the street looking so nice.

JUN 2014

Jun 18th, 2014 - Happy Monarch's Day - The Monarch was celebrated today with a festive occasion.  Truthfully, due to other coinciding events within the Monarchy, the celebration is being meted out over several days with a larger festival planned for Saturday.  Plans are still being finalized but there will be a BBQ and neighbors involved.  Vive El Monarch!

MAY 2014

May 26th, 2014 - In Memorium - The Dagostinian First Family spent the morning at gravesites of family.  The Monarch is considered to be the greater family historian and has traced many lineages, some as far back as A.D. 1400.  The Monarch took pictures of some gravestones and thanked those former servicemen for their work.

May 11th, 2014 - Food! - Better than average climatic conditions in Dagostinia have led to an early food harvest.  Strawberries are already reddening and blueberries are already fruited, though green.  The Raspberries are thicker than normal and many other plants are starting to poke through and grow.

APR 2014

Apr 30th, 2014 - Pure Gold - It's been a quiet month but we were rewarded near the end.  Goldfinches (previously rare to Dagostinia) have been arriving to feeders and making themselves well known.  The Second Small Threats Division is highly interested in these new visitors.

MAR 2014

Mar 25th, 2014 - Loan #8 - After a long hiatus, Dagostinia has made another loan via Kiva.  Part of the delay has been in finding the right recipient.  Once it was discovered that biodigesters were being purchased with Kiva loans, the sole focus was on supporting a loan for one.  Unfortunately there were few of them and they seemed to get funded very quick.  Dagostinia was finally lucky enough to find Juan José, a Mexican farmer to whom a loan was made.

Mar 22nd, 2014 - Fifth Anniversary - Dagostinia's Fifth Year as a self-declared micronation has clicked by.  In that time several systems have been put in place and many others have been planned.  The nation now provides for its own summer agriculture irrigation water and part of its electricity through solar.  Several businesses have been established and a few are successful at creating a market economy outside of the borders of the nation.  Future plans include honing those abilities we have, purging what is not needed, and focusing on what is truly necessary.

Mar 21st, 2014 - Media Exposure - For the past two weeks, Dagostinian company DagsBricks has been in local media for his 1:1000 scale model of downtown Portland, OR in LEGO bricks.  "It all started at a local show where the model was displayed.  Someone took a picture and posted it on Reddit.  Then the public broadcasting station's blog picked it up.  Then there was a short TV news spot.  Finally a local radio station called for an interview."  The result of the exposure?  Two requests for commissions and a possible third one from local companies.  Congratulations to DagsBricks and their growing business!

Mar 19th, 2014 - Ducking Out - Mrs. Ducky was found dead in her enclosure this morning.  The waterfowl had been a part of Dagostinia for several years, providing eggs and slug eradication.  Old age was determined as the cause of death.

Mar 18th, 2014 - Self Powered - For the last month and a half Dagostinia has been producing her own power via solar panels.  In that time we have produced 175kWh or roughly 4kWh per day.  While that's not much it's better than full grid power.  Four kWh can be expressed in light bulbs.  If we assume 11W CFL bulbs running 8 hours per day, then that's 0.011 x 8 or 0.088kWh per day.  That equates to about 45 light bulbs per day.  Of more importance is actual appliances.  A coffeemaker running for 15 minutes a day uses 0.25 kWh per day, a laptop uses about 1kWh per day and a refrigerator will use around 8kWh per day.  Pretty quickly it's obvious that major appliances will drain the system.  Thankfully the system is tied to the macro grid.  In the winter we take power and in the summer we feed back power.

Dagostinia's Solar Power Plant

FEB 2014

Feb 09th, 2014 - Dig Out - After more snow and freezing rain overnight, Dagostinia looked a beautiful crystallized wonderland.  Snow sat 8" deep with an inch of ice on top and 16" deep drifts around.  Even covered areas had a minimum of 2" of snow due to the high winds a couple of days earlier.  Dagostinians spent several hours digging out while temperatures slowly rose.  Overnight freezing is expected which will turn Dagostinia into one gigantic ice slick.  Critterzens have been less than thrilled about the whole weather experience and have been spending as much time inside their homes as possible.

Feb 05th, 2014 - Bigger Snow - Two months ago Dagostinia received a brief dusting of snow that was pretty to look at but short lived.  Late this morning a snow storm began to move in and had deposited one inch by early afternoon.  The flurries are becoming steady and we expect to see snowfall over the next few days.  Collective accumulation is estimated to reach 6-12" by Sunday.  Dagostinia is well stocked to weather much worse.  Minizens were released early from school and spent the rest of their day in and out of the blowing snow.

JAN 2014

Jan 30th, 2014 - Solarfied! - Dagostinia received their final inspection from contractors today.  As of 10a Dagostinian time the micronation started producing her own power.  The lease option on the panels will offset rising electricity costs over the next 2 decades and push Dagostinia closer to self-sufficiency.  Further and continual methods of saving energy will hedge us against all outside fluctuations.

Jan 21st, 2014 - Dagostinian Miracle! - Mrs. Ducky has been a critterzen for several years now.  Her eggs were prized for their consistency and size.  Around 2 years ago she stopped laying due to what the Agriculture Department believed to be old age.  She was kept around for her ability to root out and destroy slugs.  Today marks a momentous event where we collected our first duck egg in two years!  Who knows what mystery surrounds this sudden appearance.  It could only be made better would the Virgin Mary herself appear in the egg yolk.

*edit Jan 22 - Mrs. Ducky has laid a second egg!  It's as if the effects of aging are in reverse.

*edit Feb 01 - More eggs but no Virgin Mary's have been found in the yolks yet.

Jan 08th, 2014 - Boxing Day - While rather belated, the First Family celebrated Boxing Day.  Several attempts to give food gifts to the less fortunate were thwarted.  Finally the Office of Oversight spoke with a respected gentleman in our community who has a pulse on the needy.  He suggested a family living a few blocks over that could use some extras.  The First Family thus was able to share in the post-Christmas joy with another family.  Minizens were even delighted to give away some of their new Christmas items.

Jan 04th, 2014 - Solar Ready - Back in October it was announced that Dagostinia would be going solar.  We are happy to announce that the panels were installed on the roof of the Monarch's Mansion yesterday.  After a couple of macrojurisdictional inspections and one more quick contractor's visit we will be hooked up and ready to go.

One might wonder at our seriousness if we are relying on the macrojurisdictions for self-reliance.  The issue is that the offer for solar was too good to pass up.  With no upfront costs and a low monthly payment that will never be more than our utility bill as of right now (even 15 years later) it was decided that this would be a wise financial as well as self-reliance move.  The system currently has no storage capacity.  However as technologies increase and others reduce in price, add-ons are possible.  Perhaps in a few years we'll have DC inputs or a battery bank.

Sometimes it's not what you get that matters, but the potential that it offers.

DEC 2013

Dec 26th, 2013 - Advent Mildness - Compared to last year's Christmas, the First Family had a very uneventful time.  Some mild sickness is among us but no surgeries.  Due to the sicknesses and new babies in the Oversight's extended family, there was no traveling either.  The First Family enjoyed a dinner with the Monarch's father (AKA The Godfather) and minizens were well enough to enjoy their gifts.

Dec 17th, 2013 - Seasonal Arborals - The first family created memories last night.  After querying one of the local tree farms as to their closure time, it was decided to up and go get a Christmas tree.  Unfortunately the up and go took a while.  The tree farm announced a closing time of dusk and the first family arrived in the dark.  The doors were shut and it was nearly a bust.  But the Monarch noted that the information signs were still out and an honor payment box was present.  It was unilaterally decided that the tree hunt should go on.  So in the foggy dark, the first family proceeded out to the field and began the hunt.  The fog was actually helpful in that it spread out what little light there was.  Minizens were apprehensive and complained most of the time.  A suitable tree was found, the money was left, and the prize taken home.

On the return trip, the first family stopped at a business that had the most amazing light display.  Not only were there lights of every type and color, but hundreds of lit up statuary and inflatables as well.  The entire cast of "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer was there" as well as Disney, Star Wars, several nativities and scores of others.  An animatronic Santa delighted the minizens as did the candy canes and snow machines.

We are certain that memories were made.

Dec 05th, 2013 - Snow! - Minizens were exuberant this morning to see white dust on the ground outside.   A very mild snow flurry had started overnight and by mid-morning had deposited about an inch of snow on the ground.  Afternoon temperatures near the freezing point are starting to melt some of the wintry precipitation.  Sub freezing temperatures are expected to stick around until Tuesday so the visual feast may stay until then.

Dec 01st, 2013 - Cold snap - Dagostinia is in the middle of a very cold spell.  The temperatures have not risen above freezing for several days and are not expected to do so for several more.  This will be at least a week of continual freezing temps.  The rain barrels have a layer of ice on top but have not frozen solid.  They had been drained prior but heavy rains before the cold snap filled them up again.  We will use this as an experiment to see how well they withstand freezing temperatures.

The Second Small Threats Division has been seeking occasional indoor shelter but is otherwise faring fine.

NOV 2013

Nov 15th, 2013 - Early Christmas - Minizens have been particularly excited about Christmas this year.  The local weather forecast hinted at the possibility of snow and that was firmly latched onto.  Christmas music was requested and has been granted.  Dagostinia does not recognize any Christmas events until the day after Thanksgiving but the joy of minizens is hard to deny.

Nov 01st, 2013 - All Saint's Day- Dagostinians are anything but run of the mill.  Changing with the times just for the sake of changing with the times is something to be frowned upon.  In fact, many Dagostinians are rather fond of the past and seek to revive those events and customs which seem a pity to have been lost.  This is not revival for sake of revival either.  Dagostinia has counted All Saint's Day on the calendar since very nearly her inception.  Yet how to celebrate this holiday has been the source of some mild confusion.  There is awareness of the roots such as Dia de las Muertas.  There is also awareness that religious institutions have sought to cover over holidays with more religious tones.

Dagostinians do not hold any belief that we can communicate with the dead or that they need anything from us or can do anything for us.  But we are working out ways to honor our ancestors in such a way that does not duplicate other holidays.  For starters, other nearby traditions have been adopted.  For instance, pumpkin carving has been a part of our Gregorian November 1st for a couple of years now.

As Dagostinia grows we are fascinated to see how our traditions will grow and evolve.

OCT 2013

Oct 31st, 2013 - No News? - You didn't miss anything.  Dagostinia had no newsworthy events to speak of.  There was an assessment to bring solar power to the micronation but as it is still in the works, details are not released yet.  Suffice it to say, we will report as soon as information is made available.

SEP 2013

Sep 29th, 2013 - Weather Events - Summer has quickly wound down to torrential rains and high winds.  The change came so suddenly that Dagostinia did not even have a chance to begin winterizing the park grounds or crops.  While the change is temporary it has lasted for at least a week.  Thankfully a reprieve is on the horizon but only briefly.  The Monarch has speculated that this could be a long winter.  Dagostinians are a touch trepid as the micronation is located on the edge of a flood plain.  No flooding has ever occurred while Dagostinia has been around but history gives us slight concern especially when long wet winters are expected.

Sep 02nd, 2013 - Public Service - Citizens of Dagostinia were recently involved in local school improvement measures.  The Elementary School down the street suffers from years of play with no upgrades.  Dagostinian company Istockhouseplans began drawing up plans for a long term improvement plan.  The first such upgrade was made this past weekend.  The asphalt in the playground was filled with the remnants of at least 3 generations of white and yellow lines.  Now a fourth generation of bright multi-colored outdoor games adorns the surface.  We are very excited to see the reactions from students and teachers alike as school commences for the new year.

AUG 2013

Aug 22nd, 2013 - Zip Line! - Dagostinia's Recreation Department has just added a zipline!  This fun activity can be found in the park and picnic grounds.  Installation took only a few hours.  All materials were repurposed except for a brand new cable.  The line is approximately 25' long.  Minizens were quick to endlessly test the new device, repeatedly shouting, "Watch out you scalywags!"  We'd say this new pastime was a success.

Aug 17th, 2013 - Camping Trip - The entire First Family of Dagostinia just returned from 5 days camping at the coast.  The Monarch very wisely packed a large canopy that was set up mere hours before a 24 hour rain storm came through.  The worst damage was a couple of wet spots inside the tent.  Minizins benefited from the trip by getting to travel and see other parts of the world, learning to improvise, and getting away from electronic entertainment.  The return to civilization was a rather stark contrast.

Aug 03rd, 2013 - Holiday Time - The Monarch and Office of Oversight kicked off the Dagostinia holiday season with a trip to the forest.  A friend's cabin was secured for five days with no phone or internet service.  Several lessons were learned.  First, living small is not only possible or practical, but very stress relieving.  Having less possessions to manage is very freeing.  Second, being freed from the confines of the daily grind allows one to commune more with nature.  Third, there are always ways around.  With no dishwasher, clothes washing, or bathing facilities (toilet excepted) clever solutions can be found that are just as adequate as modern conveniences.

Time was spent hiking through the woods and identifying various trees and wildlife.  The monarch himself sampled various berries (based on guides).  Red huckleberries are a new favorite while salmonberries can be left for the bears.  A second even more rustic trip to the ocean is being planned.

JUL 2013

Jul 28th, 2013 - Lammas Day - Dagostinia's first ever wheat harvest was made today.  The first year for this experimental crop yielded one large sheaf that will be threshed and stored as dried wheat berries.  Minizens were quick to help but then quick to get bored as well.  The threshing may be of more interest to them.

Jul 09th, 2013 - Timber! - It was predicted that this would be a red letter season for Italian prunes.  In an unexpected way it already is.  The large Italian prune tree was so inundated with fruit that one of the older large branches broke right off.  This branch was never expected to bear fruit as there is much moss and dry twigs on it.  However it still produced a massive amount of fruit.  Most of the barely ripe fruit was salvaged and will be left to ripen or turned to preserves.  Two and a half pounds has been recorded so far this year not counting the 3 gallon bucket that will soon be processed.  And still there is more fruit to come.

In trimming the tree the Agriculture Department was careful to find and relocate and Ladybug species.  The beneficial insects have been seen in record numbers this year chewing away at every aphid in sight.  After being introduced a few years ago they are now a regular part of Dagostinia.

JUN 2013

Jun 27th, 2013 - Fruit Walk - For the past three days Dagostinia's GIS crew have been walking the local neighborhood scouting out and plotting the locations of free food.  The entirety of the development was an orchard a century ago and offspring of those original trees still abound.  Apples, cherries, plums and pears are available for the taking.  Walnuts abound as well and the first local wild blackberries were tasted today.  Some of the more interesting (and likely cultivated) finds have been a fig tree, a mulberry bush, cactus (nopales), and several cultivated grapes on fences.  A little over half of the area of interest has been covered and the rest will be explored over the next week.  Maps well be made available to Dagostinians for their own fruiting adventures.  Better hurry though as cherry season is winding down!

Jun 15th, 2013 - New Pastime - During a picnic at a local park a new pastime was born.  Minizens have been sporting rain boots as a dress style regardless of the weather and whatever else may influence it.  Boots were kicked off to run around in the grass.  One minizen challenged the Monarch to get her boots back on and continued to run away.  The ever efficient Monarch comically attempted to put the boots back on by throwing them at the minizen's feet.  As one boot sailed towards a tetherball pole it was realized that this could be a new sport.  Thus Boot Golf was born and Mascot Games added another sport to its repertoire.

MAY 2013

May 27th, 2013 - Welcome Summer - Dagostinia technically welcomes summer today though the weather is no indicator.  Rains have been prominent though there is much sun forecasted to punctuate.  Raspberries have been prolific and wheat is starting to ripen.

May 08th, 2013 - Local Hosting - Last night Dagostinia was the site of a PTA meeting.  The Parent Teacher Association at the local school needed a place for their board meeting.  Dagostinia offered it's park grounds and complimentary catering for the event.  Four members of the board and local neighborhood enjoyed their meeting in 70 degree weather.  Dinner was a scratch-made fresh tomato sauce over pasta, Greek broccoli salad and rosemary bread.  Children were invited as well and care was provided by the next door neighbors to our micronation.  Everyone had a wonderful time and the board was able to talk freely about the next coming school year.  Dagostinia is pleased to be a part of the local community.

APR 2013

Apr 30th, 2013 - Kiva Loan #7 - Dagostinia made it's seventh loan today via Kiva.  The latest recipient of Dagostinian funding is Maher, a transportation specialist in Lebanon.  Maher was chosen for his entrepreneurial spirit.  His loan will go towards performing maintenance on his personally owned bus which he uses for student transport.  Part of the loan is also going towards building a one room apartment onto his house which he will rent out.  Dagostinia is proud to promote future thinking and multiple ventures.

Apr 24th, 2013 - Veggie Starts - In an experimental year the Dagostinian Agriculture Department has opted to forgo the process of creating 'starts' from seeds.  Instead everything is being direct sowed.  Cool weather crops should be no problem.  Warm weather crops such as tomatoes were direct planted in the mini-greenhouse in the hopes that the weather will stay warm enough to see them through germination and to blossoms.  Peppers will follow shortly.

Apr 17th, 2013 - Apple Blossoms - After a week of sun, then rain, and now coming into sun, the apple blossoms are bursting forth with their promise of future fruit.  Last year's crop was nice and we hope for a more bountiful harvest this year.

Apr 15th, 2013 - Song if the Chickadee - While doing rounds on agriculture duty several calls were heard from our national bird.  This was the first hearing in months and is a sign that spring is breaking.  The chickadee house remains from last year.  Though unoccupied we hope it will be filled soon.

Apr 11th, 2013 - Agriculture Report - After an extended wait the agriculture report is finally in for 2012.  Most crops did very well though there are a few that continue to fail.  Total value was almost double the prior year at W20.72.  All beds are available for cropping this year and we expect the numbers to continue to climb.  All of Dagostinia's crops are pesticide free, manufactured fertilizer free, and as about as organic as possible.

MAR 2013

Mar 21st, 2013 - Mission Impossumble - An intruder to Dagostinia tonight didn't stand a chance.  While on evening security rounds an opposum was found inhabiting one of the agriculture buildings.  None of the livestock were harmed.  Knowing that opossums are very resilient, an easy and effective solution was found.  The invasive critter was plucked from inside the coop and given a final swim in the duck pond.  Very little struggle was given.

Mar 14th, 2013 - Free Concert - The minizen art exhibit in the Monarch's mansion wrapped up today with a free concert by the minizens.  Instruments were home made and are works of art much like the static and dynamic exhibits themselves.  The Monarch himself was given a front row seat and thoroughly enjoyed the performance.  "It's encouraging to see the young population of this micronation have the freedom to explore their creativity and learn in the process.  I sense great things for us in the decades to come."  This was the second such performance by the minizens.  An informal chant duet was performed during Christmas 2011.  More spontaneous concerts are sure to come.

Mar 11th, 2013 - Contest Winner! - This past weekend Dag's Bricks traveled to the Bricks Cascade 2013 convention and entered many incredible LEGO builds into the competitions that were there.  The Magnum Opus of Downtown Portland in 1:1000 scale was presented in public for the first time.  Many comments were made about which building such and such person works in.  Best of all, Dag's Bricks won the trophy for the Best Microscale Build in the entire convention.

Also on display were some large LEGO style bricks that were themselves built out of LEGO bricks.  These are very functional in that they can be further stacked on top of one another.  Possibly to build even larger bricks?  The display and idea wowed the judges enough to award it the Best General Art trophy.  Who knew art could be so much fun!

Congratulations to Dag's Bricks and their successful convention!

FEB 2013

Feb 25th, 2013 - Clean Bill - Dagostinia dropped the yellow flag today after every citizen was deemed to be non-contagious.  Several citizens still have some lasting effects but nothing that is considered to be harmful to others.  We are grateful that this the worst of our cold seasons ever is finally behind us.  The Monarch himself, who rarely gets sick, has been in various states of ill for the last 5 weeks.  And this even after reluctantly receiving a flu shot.  We wish Dagostinians good health and regained energy.

Feb 17th, 2013 - Medical Prowess - Dagostinia is home to no doctors though references are kept in the case of dire emergencies.  But Dagostinia is not necessarily interested in treating every malady with a prescription drug.  Native plants are used for their medicinal properties.  Green tea and blueberries are known for their strong anti-oxidants.  Garlic and honey are well known for their antibiotic properties.  When eyes were starting to show signs of pus, garlic drops were prepared and administered.  We hope to someday make visits to the doctor a once every two year or greater event.

Feb 14th, 2013 - Week of the Bride - Week of the Bride begins today in Dagostinia.  This is a five day long celebration that honors the better half of the Monarch and every married male in Dagostinia - which at the moment is still just the Monarch. Due to continued sickness the celebration will be subdued this year and possibly extended for several more days. 

Feb 10th, 2013 - Yellow Flag - Dagostinia is hoisting the yellow flag to let visitors know that they will be entering the micronation at their own risk.  Several sicknesses have been floating around and the situation is beginning to decline.  Every citizen has so far been sick at least twice and there is only the slowest signs of recovery.  We pray for a speedy healing for all.  The art display will be extended after a brief hiatus of illness.

Feb 01st, 2013 - Art Display - Visitors to the Monarch's Mansion will be in for quite a surprise over the next couple of weeks.  Art from the minizens has been posted in many of the publicly open rooms of the estate.  The show will persist for several weeks.  We encourage everyone to come and visit and see the progress of skills of these future Dalis and Van Goghs.  Please, all body parts must remain intact.

JAN 2013

Jan 21st, 2013 - Garden Planning - Dagostinia's food crops are getting an extra dose of attention this year.  Unfortunately starts for tender warm season crops such as tomatoes and peppers are started later than desired.  This is due partly to a lack of space to keep the seedlings as they mature.  The season in Dagostinia is neither long enough to mature peppers on the vine.  The Agricultural Department announced today that they will be pulling out one garden bed, several feet of fence, and decommissioning a path in order to build a greenhouse.  The greenhouse will occupy approximately 6x10' along the border of the removed fence.  The removed garden bed frame will be placed on top of an existing bed in order to double the depth of rich soil above the rocky floodplain.  The garden bed and pathway account for 6' of space that will be reconfigured into a structure with a 2' walkway between two 2' rows.  The construction will be framed and covered with recycled wood frame windows.  Construction is slated to start as soon as the ground thawsRecycled and found materials are being gathered continually and plans will be drawn up with current inventory in mind.

Jan 02nd, 2013 - Office of Oversight - The previous medical issues of the Office of Oversight returned.  On Christmas evening she was again admitted to the hospital and stayed for surgery.  After a gall bladder removal her condition improved drastically.  However minor complications extended her stay to a week.  We are grateful to have all hands back on deck again.

DEC 2012

Dec 25th, 2012 - Merry Christmas! - The Office of Oversight has returned and the First Family spent a quiet Christmas morning together.  To your family we wish you, Buon Natale, Frohe Weinachten, Feliz Navidad, Gloedelig Jul, Frolijk Kerstfeest, Joyeux Noel, Καλά Χριστούγεννα, С Рождеством Христовым, کریسمس مبارک, Boldog Karácsonyt, メリークリスマス, mutlu Noeller, Nadolig Llawen, Wesołych Świąt, and to all a good night!

Dec 24th, 2012 - Christmas Anticipation - With Christmas looming just a day away Dagostinian citizens were anxious to find that the Office of Oversight had been admitted to a local hospital.  ER staff spent the evening and early morning assessing the problem.  We will be relieved to have the problem resolved.

Dec 06th, 2012 - Holiday Cheer - Dagostinia's border was lined today with bright twinkling lights in anticipation of the Christmas holiday.  The Monarch's mansion received some luminosity as well.  This is the first year that holiday lighting has been 100% LED technology.  LED's burn cooler and use a fraction of the energy that incandescent lights use.  We are pleased to not only save energy and money but make our contribution to the environment as well.

NOV 2012

Nov 26th, 2012 - Windblown Trailer - Dragonfly Trailers experienced a wind related loss today.  One of the foam board insulation panels from the current project was lifted out of the wall in which it was fitted and sent hurtling down the street.  The loss was noticed after the event but a search party was dispatched immediately.  Five minutes later it was found in a neighbor's driveway a block away.  Other wind related events are reminding us that it's time to batten down the hatches.

Nov 23rd, 2012 - Centenarian Celebration - The First Family attended a funeral today for the great aunt of the Monarch.  She was born in 1908 and outlived most of her peers to a ripe old age of 104.  She was always a very happy and peaceful individual right up to the end.  We are proud to have known her and bid her rest in peace.

Nov 06th, 2012 - Macro Voting - Until such time that Dagostinia is recognized as sovereign by the macro authorities, we will still be able to vote in elections.  Dagostinians of the age of majority today cast their vote in what they thought was the best way to reign in the appalling circumstances that the government has put itself into.  It was realized that the government itself is not the problem so much as the masses of people that don't know any better and are easily swayed.  Perhaps this is what Dagostinia seeks to distance itself from as much as from the government that preys on the short memory and inaction. 

Nov 04th, 2012 - Fall Cleanup - Dagostinians fell into action today and gave the picnic grounds a good cleanup for winter.  The pool has been shut down and several other entertainment devices were cleaned up and winterized.  The Warehouse was also given a bit of a re-organizationAfter all the hard work Dagostinia's First Family was served a meal of fresh chicken.

Nov 03rd, 2012 - Slaughtering Day - For want of time this task had been put off for months.  But Saturday marked the end of the line for the old chicken flock.  Three chickens were lined up and butchered for the stewpot.  Per Dagostinia's guidelines, livestock must be productive contributers.  Once the eggs dry up, chickens are then introduced to the kitchen.  The new flock (which was put into service 6 weeks ago) was given run of the entire grazing area.  Mrs. Ducky is a bit confused as to the location of her old flock and continues to search for them.

OCT 2012

Oct 12th, 2012 - Tower Renovation - Water Tower number 2 has been listing a bit to the side for months now.  Construction was out of found materials and not intended to be permanent.  In the interest of safety, the tower has been reinforced and put back into service.  This tower is capable of 110 gallons which translates to about 900 pounds of water, barrels, and piping.

Oct 07th, 2012 - Goal Accomplished! - Back on April 23rd we announced that the Monarch had decided to run the Portland Marathon for charity.  Prior to this the Monarch was not a runner of any sort.  But five and a half months, 5 hours, 25 minutes and 37 seconds later, the Monarch crossed the finish line and became the first micronational leader to complete a marathon.  Injuries were light along the way but no cramps during the race.  After pacing all 26.2 miles the Monarch checked into the medical tent where he was treated for some minor exhaustion related issues.  The best part?  "Around mile 23 there were volunteers handing out beer shots.  That was the best tasting brew ever and I'm pretty sure it gave me the strength to finish."  Together with other runners over US$41,000 was raised for the NOE center in Mexico.  Thanks to all that put a donation in and supported the Monarch.  Will he run again?  "Maybe I'll attempt something a little less strenuous next, like fishing."

Thus endeth the Monarch's running career.

SEP 2012

Sep 24th, 2012 - Kiva Loan #6 - Dagostinia made it's sixth loan this last weekend.  Johari is an Indonesian manufacturer of bamboo products.  He weaves the inside of the canes into interior walls and uses the exterior portion to create fences.  We are pleased to help out small time manufacturers and cottage industries that create goods that are necessary and not merely vain.  We were especially taken after seeing a picture used on his last loan that showed off his wares:

Good luck to Johari on your business!

Sep 21st, 2012 - Weather Upset - After months of beautiful sunshine and lovely temperatures, Dagostinia is experiencing a small stretch of rain.  The weather forecast calls for drizzle for the next 3 days and it is a welcome change.  The rain barrels have dried down to the dregs and the crops have been satisfied with water from the local municipality.  We have been a bit remiss in repairing one of the water towers while the barrels were empty but in a few days the sun will shine again and we can drain the barrels into the crops to make way for repairs.

Sep 15th, 2012 - New Crop - Wheat was sown for the first time this year.  Hard Red Winter Wheat is generally planted in the fall and allowed to establish before winter sets in.  When the cold weather arrives, the grass dies back and lies dormant for the season.  Once the warmth of spring arrives it goes into full speed and grows to a mature height by early summer.  Dagostinia is excited at the prospect of having grain grown in her soil.  Up until now produce and eggs were the only food nurtured.  Next goal: steady meat!

Sep 12th, 2012 - Swim Team - The Pacific Tree Frog is no stranger to Dagostinia and one of the only amphibians to live within her borders.  They will announce their calls and are generally easy to find and catch.  After brief observation they are generally released back to where they were found.  Today another tree frog was found and an exciting coincidence was in place.  The pool had been set up for late summer use.  Minizens were treated to a show when the frog was let go into the pool.  After watching his behaviors for about 10 minutes, he was replaced back to his original hiding spot.  Dagostinia prizes real life education and letting nature showcase for herself what she is made of.

Sep 07th, 2012 - Food Pyramid - Dagostinian ornithologists were excited to see a Downy Woodpecker make repeated visits inside the micronation's borders.  Two mullein plants were regarded as weeds but kept for their interesting form.  It was then noticed that weevils were burrowing into the flower buds and destroying the reproductive cycle of the plant.  While there was no concern for the plant, the presence of weevils was a touch worrisome.  Not long after that the woodpecker took notice and began feasting on the pest.  The mullein plant was then regarded as prized for its role in attracting the new avian.

Sep 03rd, 2012 - Flock 3.0 - With the current flock of egg layers aging, it was decided to inject some new life into the livestock.  Three new 5 month old hens were added today bringing the current flock up to 7.  This number is only temporary as the non-laying birds will soon be put to the stewpot.  Mrs. Ducky has not been laying for a while but her service as slug control is invaluable.  The new hens are a beautiful Partridge Rock, White Orpington and White Rock.  We look forward to an increase in eggs very soon!

AUG 2012

Aug 21st, 2012 - Apple Gleaning - For several weeks now an apple tree in front of a nearby empty house has been giving of it's fruits to a pavement that has no need for them.  Today, Dagostinians trekked over and picked about 20 pounds of apples.  Other neighbors have been seen doing the same here and there.  The gleanings will be used to offset any imports of fruit as well as being used in the production of applesauce.

Aug 19th, 2012 - Road Trip II - The First Family once again took to the spirit of the month and went on another excursion.  This time the destination was for the central Oregon Coast.  Three days were spent camping in an old growth forest.  Housing was a large tent and there was a large box and a large cooler full of food.  Plenty of firewood was to be found and there were several canisters of propane.  At one point the Monarch commented, "Even at this reduced level of living, we're probably still better off than 50% of the world."  The camping trip was followed by a two day stay with relatives.  There were 5 adults and 8 minizens sharing an 800sf 2 bedroom 1 bathroom house.  Some folks were urban camping in the backyard.  This again proved that Dagostinians can live much simpler than the "American" lifestyle we have become accustomed to.  The whole experience led to a basic plan for a communal living situation that would benefit all involved.

Aug 05th, 2012 - Road Trip - In keeping with St. Augustine's month, the First Family recently returned from a road trip.  The vacation was primarily exploring small towns and old roads on and around Hwy 97 in Central Oregon.  An 8 hour leisurely drive was followed by a night of camping before returning via a different route.  Much of the previously unseen State was explored and the beauty taken in.  Though the space is wide open, natural resources are a little lacking.  The area is not necessarily considered an ideal spot for a micronation but certainly will be visited again.

Aug 02nd, 2012 - Advice Sought - Local members of the macrojurisdictional legislative branch recently inquired about tightening up gun laws due to the recent tragedy in Colorado.  The Monarch's response:

Regarding your recent email on gun safety.

You've heard it said, "guns don't kill people, people kill people."  Outlawing or further restricting guns will NOT solve the problem.  The outlaws will only figure out how to get guns.  You will then end up with a populace of law-abiding citizens who are even more unable to protect themselves.  New gun laws will do nothing to stop mass shooting attacks, single shooting attacks, or other gun related crimes.

You are familiar with Kennesaw, Georgia I assume?  If not, please reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kennesaw.  Kennesaw has a mandatory gun carry law for head of households and one of the lowest crime rates in the United States.  Statistics will vary on whether or not the law dropped crime or whether the thought that everyone could have a gun dropped crime.  In any event, the connection is that more guns resulted in less crime.  I dare you to refute this.

Guns are a hot point with the public due to media coverage.  Yet no one proposes restricting everyone's automobile ownership because of drunk drivers, nor restricting everyone's access to the internet because of child porn.  Emphasis is on everyone.

No, I am not a member of the NRA nor do I align with their views.  Outlaws are just as afraid of getting shot as everyone else.  Sometimes whatever drugs they are on might mitigate that fear.  But I would guarantee that if they knew their chance of getting shot while trying to commit a crime had exponentially risen, they would think twice and maybe go elsewhere.

The question, Congressman, is whether you have the chutzpah to go against the grain and propose such lax ordinances or whether you will go with the flow and cater to your voters' emotions.  I have established my position, please let us know which way you stand.

Aug 01st, 2012 - St. Augustine's Month - In honor of our patron saint, Dagostinia has entered our holiday month.  Dagostinians will be traveling and vacationing outside the borders of Dagostinia at various times and places.  The monarch encourages everyone to relax and take it easy!

JUL 2012

Jul 24th, 2012 - Tamiasciurus Touchdown - Douglas Squirrels are often a site from Dagostinia, running across power lines and bounding through tree branches overhead.  Today one of these rodents came in for a closer look at the picnic grounds.  Minizens and their friends were quite excited to see the tree-dweller at such close range.  Peanuts were offered but the accompanying cacophony diminished the gesture.

Jul 21st, 2012 - Halfway Point - The Monarch today has reached the halfway point of his Marathon training.  His run was 13.1 miles and the most difficult yet.  His return was delayed due to a slight knee injury.  Consultation advised him to consider the half marathon instead as there was some concern that future running may be hampered.  Declared he, "I am not training for a half marathon.  I am training for a full marathon and a full marathon I will run, even if I have to crawl to the finish line.  Besides, I don't ever plan to run after this."  In concession he was offered some exercises to strengthen his knees.

Note from the editor: Dagostinia is rather thrilled to be creating a simpler environment for itself where nothing noteworthy can happen for nearly a month. There have been some small happenings, but nothing worth reporting on until now.

JUN 2012

Jun 26th, 2012 - Kiva Loan #5 - Dagostinia today made her fourth loan on Kiva today.  The lucky recipient is Mykola from Ukraine.  His goal is to convert his private taxi vehicle from gasoline to natural gas.  This conversion will save him money on gas and allow him to save more personal money for his home and upcoming wedding.  He is converting his vehicle for $750.  We felt this loan was a good fit for Dagostinia due to the desire to save energy and use a fuel source that is not mainstream yet still viable.  Congratulations to Mykola for his foresight and willingness to buck the trend in the name of efficiency!

Jun 23rd, 2012 - Dagostinians, Stewards - About the time that the illustrious Monarch founded Dagostinia, the adjoining property was purchased by a family with similar interests as Dagostinians.  As time went on, Dagostinia became good friends with the neighbors, exchanging and sharing gifts, meals, childcare, and other chores and goods.  It has become apparent that two entities living in proximity and harmony have no need for, say, two lawnmowers.  In this example, Dagostinia maintains a pushreel lawnmower while the neighbors possess a weed-whacker.  When doors are open, folks are free and encouraged to go back and forth between properties and domiciles with little notice.

As of late, the neighbors have departed on a trip for two months to their mother country, approx 3700 miles away.  Dagostinia has been granted full stewardship of their property for the time.  Should someone need some temporary or emergency housing, Dagostinia is free to grant the vacant house to those in need.  The Monarch is grateful that the hospitality and friendliness of his citizens has resulted in an amiable friendship and mutual trust.  We hope that this can be realized within other adjoining properties as well.

Jun 18th, 2012 - Monarch's Day! - Today is the day we celebrate our illustrious Monarch's entry into this world.  This year is particularly special to his highness as it is the celebration of his 3 dozenth birthday.  Were the dozenal system to be a world standard, this could be written as 30 instead of 36.  This of course argues the case that dozenal should be preferred!  Minizens presented the Monarch with a personal gift today and a fabulous feast for all citizens was had in his honor.  The Monarch himself celebrated with a little dancing.

Jun 17th, 2012 - Corn Fencing - The corn field was fenced in today in order to ward off the roving livestock from eating the premature seeds.  The fence was constructed out of completely found materials, proving once again that Dagostinia can create a sustainable community.  The chickens and duck were more than happy to test the fence and find any possible hole through which to break in.  The scene was reminiscent of the T-rexes in Jurassic Park.  In a couple of months Dagostinia expects to have sweet corn for picnic delights.

Jun 02nd, 2012 - Harvest Started - Today in agricultural news the first overlapping of crops was experienced.  Some replacement beans were planted at the same time that the first batch of strawberries were taken.  All other planted crops are doing extremely well this year.  The aged horse manure as well as some organic fertilizer seem to be the key to prolific produce this year.  Dagostinia looks forward to seeing the results of these measures on this year's crops.  It would be a wonderful step if dozens of jars could be canned and put up.

MAY 2012

May 19th, 2012 - Mending Fences - The physical border of Dagostinia experienced a breach that was unacceptable.  A fence post had rotted out in the ground.  Rather than throw in a new fence post (which would not match), the old one was cut down.  Concrete was poured and a metal base was installed in which to set the shortened post.  The fence post is now as good as new and able to withstand minor assaults.

Further, a double gate has been installed in the area of the former Duke's Run.  This new opening should allow for better access around the micronation without having to traverse through the National Warehouse.  The former Duke's Run will become a materiel depot capable of storing most of the building supplies needed to keep the micronation in supply of repair materials.  A future roof will ensure that items stay dry through the wet winters.

May 15th, 2012 - International Relations - On his daily and ever increasingly long run (see April 23rd news article, Monarch Running), the Monarch made good with his international relations skills.  While jogging through a neighborhood, he was hailed by a Russian Babushka speaking in her native tongue.  While words may have been slightly incoherent, her gestures were not.  The Monarch was more than happy to comply and take her empty 50 gallon recycling cart up her 100' driveway.  In parting, the babushka offered very profuse thanks and a gentle clap on the shoulder.  The Monarch's Russian vocabulary was rounded enough to understand a few words, including "Spasyebo" to which the Monarch replied, "You're welcome, da, dobriy dyehn."  These words were answered by the return greeting, "dobriy" and the linguist continued on his way.  While no thanks is expected from Putin anytime soon, our leader was inspired to study the Russian language a bit more to add to his abilities.  Dos svadanya!

May 13th, 2012 - Injury Scare - Mama Kitty, the head of the Second Small Threats Division was found this morning limp, breathing hard, and glassy eyed.  The first fear was that age had finally taken it's toll, the second being that she had consumed some ethylene glycol.  After an emergency conference with the Office of Oversight, it was finally decided that a visit to a veterinarian hospital was in order.  The Monarch rushed her to emergency care where she was put on life support.  An X-ray revealed that she had received some physical, possibly blunt force trauma.  As there were no exterior wounds it was assumed she fell from a fence on her usual rounds, landing hard on her side.  One lung had collapsed and there was air in her abdomen.  She was sent home an hour later with instructions and medication for the next two weeks.  She stayed inside the Monarch's Mansion for one night.  The next morning she was let outside for her daily constitutional and spent most of the afternoon sleeping in the sun.  By evening she was as spry as ever and had no need for any more human intervention.  While her recovery was quick, the Monarch is certain she used up one of her nine lives, but not certain how many she had remaining.

May 04th, 2012 - More Local - More than just Star Wars day, May the Fourth is significant this year in Dagostinia.  On this day, the Monarch took leave of his outside employer and will now work full time from Dagostinia.  As well as his many duties running the country, the Monarch is a businessman responsible for several of Dagostinia's houses of commerce.  This will give him the opportunity to devote more time to those sources of income.  "Dagostinian income will truly begin to come from inside Dagostinia and the country will support herself" said his entrepreneurness.

APR 2012

Apr 23rd, 2012 - Monarch Running! - Since the Monarch holds his office for life, he obviously can't be running for it.  Nor would he be coward enough to run from anything without first assessing the situation.  No, the Monarch will be running for charity.  In conjunction with NOE International, the Monarch will be raising funds and running a Marathon in October.  All donations will go directly to NOE to assist in their operations.  The Monarch is looking forward to this opportunity as it will give him the, "chance to reduce one my many dimensions".

Noé International is a faith based non-profit public charity that supports and operates the NOE Center in Morelia, Mexico; a safe place where children are given educational opportunities through a number of life-changing before and after school programs.

Apr 21st, 2012 - Park Sprucing - Volunteers spent the better part of the day cleaning up the park and picnic grounds, mowing the grass, planting flowers, and rearranging fallen limbs.  Record high temperatures were the norm and meals throughout the day were provided and taken on the grounds themselves.  Minizens as well helped in their own particular way which generally meant making sure the volunteers had plenty to do to keep them busy.

Apr 15th, 2012 - Ladies Night - Dagostinia's Agriculture Department was pleased to release several hundred ladybugs into the trees and fields this evening.  Aphids were a nuisance last year to the extent that a large number of plum and tomato yields were significantly reduced.  Ants have already been spotted in the trees which are indicative of aphids.  The ants herd and care for the aphids much like cattle.  In exchange they glean the sweet mucous from their bodies and protect them.  The ladybugs can easily overcome the ants and will feast on the aphids in the thousands.  We look forward to fat plums, tomatoes, and ladybugs this harvest season.

MAR 2012

Mar 22nd, 2012 - Third Anniversary - Dagostinia's third anniversary came and went without much fanfare.  The goals stated in the Monarch's address last year are being implemented.  Water usage has been reduced, at least one new business has started, and debt payments have been accelerated.  These goals will be continued and we look forward to other measures that citizens suggest and implement.  Thanks to our citizens and other micronationalists for the support that had been given in our nation's growth.

Mar 18th, 2012 - Four Seasons - Today Dagostinia experienced all four seasons within a few hours.  The morning started with a brief snow shower.  Later in the day another followed and shortly thereafter was bright sun and warm temperatures.  Minizens easily adapted to the changing weather.  First they were outside frolicking in the flakes.  After retiring to shelter for a little while the sun came out.  The minizens donned sandals and went back out to run in the rays.  Meanwhile daffodils are blooming and leaves still adorn the ground.

Mar 17th, 2012 - Garden Season Open - Dagostinia's Agriculture Department planted the first crops today.  Peas from last year's stock were saved and put into soil that had been newly amended with horse manure.  Beans will shortly follow and many plants need to be started.  Garlic that was planted last year is coming up beautifully.  A small patch of carrots was left in the ground to be future seed stock.  Those plants are reviving beautifully.

Mar 09th, 2012 - Foreign Loan - Dagostinia has made their 4th loan with lending partner Kiva today.  This loan was made to Honduran national Arturo Perez Escalante.  Arturo was chosen for his entrepreneurial vision in caring for his family.  His family makes and sells nacatamales as well as Arturo's long standing business of buying and selling seafood.  The deal was clinched upon reading that Arturo and his family raise chickens and pigs as well as the aforementioned business ventures.  As has been mentioned on several occasions, Dagostinia strives for total self-sufficiency and appreciates those that do the same.

Mar 04th, 2012 - Mount Woodchip - Dagostinia's main road, Drive Way was recently covered in a large pile of wood chips from a local gardening project.  Contractors dumped the load in the road for Dagostinia to use throughout as mulch and pathway material.  Due to local heavy clay and heavy rain conditions, some trails become very slippery in the wintertime.  Already this project has made pedestrian travel safer.

Two local boys from the neighborhood came by today asking if they could do any yard work to make some money.  We pointed to Mount Woodchip and they fell right away into shoveling, hauling, and spreading.  The boys did a tremendous amount of work and were rewarded handsomely for their time.  This is just one instance of Dagostinia being active in and supporting the local community.

FEB 2012

Feb 21st, 2012 - Dag's Bricks - Dagostinian company Dag's Bricks is beginning to take off as a viable business.  The company has been busy selling LEGO brand bricks and toys through the Bricklink venue.  But this is only the start.  Dag's Bricks has also been active on the idea website Cuusoo, creating projects for the LEGO company to take hold of.  Cuusoo is a site where you can upload your ideas for the LEGO company.  If your idea receives 10,000 popular votes, The LEGO Company will then consider how best to create and market your idea.  The original creator than receives royalties on the project from LEGO.  Good luck to Dag's Bricks and your entrepreneurial spirit!

Feb 14th, 2012 - Week of the Bride - Today starts the five day long celebration of the Bride of Dagostinia.  The celebration commences with the popular commercial holiday and ends on the bride's birthday.  This year the celebration ends on a Saturday.  Many joyous events are planned.

Feb 08th, 2012 - Business Report - Dag's Bricks has been increasing its business in the last month.  The new inventory of LEGO can be seen slowly growing in Dagostinia.  We are pleased that another one of Dagostinia's several businesses is growing and will soon be contributing to the economic wellness of the micronation.  Dag's Bricks announces that all purchases made in person will be given a small discount from current store prices.

Feb 01st, 2012 - Water Report - The monthly water report is being cancelled.  Enough months through 2011 were recorded to see the difference that the new water saving measures have made.  Other reports will be made in June, July, and August of 2012 to compare to those same months in the previous year.

JAN 2012

Jan 30th, 2012 - Advice Given - The state of Oregon is facing a budget crisis.  One of the state representatives sent out an email asking for residents to give their input as to how the state might plug a gaping budget hole on the order of hundreds of millions of dollars.  Since the Monarch attempts to run Dagostinia within her means, he took this as a great opportunity to extend that wisdom towards the surrounding macro jurisdiction.  His points:

  • All state government positions should have their salary reduced to the greater of 50% of their current pay or the state median income.  Any affected primary education positions are exempted (though I don't believe 3rd grade teachers make more than median income).   Dagostinia's Monarch has a monthly income of $0.
  • Merge or close down any agencies that are duplicating services.  This includes services that the State is running which the Feds are already running within the State.   Dagostinia's services are run by volunteers.
  • Prisoners should pay for their incarnation, somewhere to the tune of $80 per day to cover room and board, meals, etc.  TV time, gym time, etc. should all be charged extra.  Collect by any aggressive means necessary.
  • Raise the gas tax by 500% or more EXCEPT on transit and transport.  This means that where Joe Local purchases gas at the pump they will pay more.  This should encourage less driving and more use of transit which will benefit from more rider fees as well as not having to pay higher gas tax.   (Note this is TAX only, not the whole price).
  • Raise the liquor tax by a lot.   (Again, the TAX portion only).
  • Root out anyone who is a) taking advantage of social welfare AND b) not a legal US citizen.  Give them immediate deportation.  Dagostinia keeps a closed border policy and an ethic of "contribute or leave".

Jan 15th, 2012 - White Powdery Residue - No, not mail terrorism or a new source of income for the micronation.  Dagostinia today received a dusting of heavenly crystals.  A small overnight snow shower put some white traces on the ground.  By 1:30P local time a snowstorm came through of at least an hour which put over 1/2" of snow on the ground.  Minizens were ecstatic and rushed out, still dressed in their Sunday best to play in the winter wonderland.  After a brief over cladding they were allowed to play in it until their fingers turned numb.  At 4:30P local time another system came through leaving beauty in the air but little on the ground.  Macro weather reports predict snow and temperatures right around freezing.  Accumulation has been predicted at 1 to 2 inches, but as the time approaches closer these estimates end up being less than 1/2".

Q. What do weathermen and politicians have in common?

A. They get paid to lie and still keep their jobs!

DEC 2011

Dec 25th, 2011 - Merry Christmas - The First Family would like to wish our friends, families, colleagues, neighbors, and even enemies a Merry Christmas!  If you don't celebrate Christmas then you are free to ignore this greeting.  Otherwise (or even so) please enjoy a cookie from the baking crew of Dagostinia.  These real baked goods were given to neighbors around our micronation.

Dec 21st, 2011 - Solstice - From the Office of the Monarch - "Thank goodness the solstice is here!  This perpetual darkness is starting to wear on me.  From now on we can look forward to longer days and less dreariness.  I miss being outside."

Dec 15th, 2011 - Christmas Preparations - A minor buzz is all around Dagostinia as preparations are made for the Christmas celebration.  The first family hunted and trapped their tree recently and has begun decking it.  The rest of the mansion and grounds are receiving lights and decor to make the season bright.  New for this year is the use of LED lights.  These strings use about 90% less energy than the previous incandescent lights.  Dagostinia will continue to phase out the old bulbs in favor of the more durable and cost-effective LED technology.

On the menu this year for Christmas dinner is roast duck.  The duck itself is a free-range specimen from right in Dagostinia!  Mr. Ducky was purchased about a year and a half ago.  An egg layer was expected but then gender became apparent.  When a female duck was acquired it was decided to try a duck breeding project for meat.  This turned into a failure and so now Mr. Ducky is destined for the oven.  His only other option is to lay an egg.  Per Dagostinia's policy, critters are required to make themselves useful.  Cats catch mice, hens lay eggs, and male poultry gets eaten.  Simple enough.

Dec 02nd, 2011 - New Stamp! - DagPost has released their second stamp design for 2011.  This is a special holiday stamp featuring a miniature LEGO train.  The stamp is worth 4m (~US$0.48) and is used for expressing mail directly to a USPS facility.  This option is in lieu of waiting for the appointed rounds.  The stamp will only be available through the end of December and then disappear until next year.  Collectors can purchase a half sheet or panel of this limited run stamp for half the face value.

Dec 01st, 2011 - Water Report - The monthly water report is in and the Monarch is pleased to say that this is the lowest water usage yet since June.  November saw a use of only 4 CCF (~3000 Gal).  Major factors in this low number include the return of the rains which have helped with crops and livestock.

NOV 2011

Nov 11th, 2011 - Eleven 5 - Where were you at 11:11 on 11/11/11?  This fun time combination is not as rare as one thinks if one is willing to be open to several different number combinations.  This specific set of all ones will not happen, however, for another 100 years.  Where were you?  The Monarch was volunteering at a food pantry warehouse, pulling soap canisters from dispensers.  Unless you were talking about 11:11p.  In that case the Monarch was asleep.

Nov 08th, 2011 - Crops Report - The crops report for 2011 has been compiled.  Total value of produce came in at US$77.19 or 10.65 wages.  The largest crop by far was raspberries with 8 pounds being harvested.  At an average US$5 per pound, this worked out to US$40 worth of savings.  Strong runner-ups were peas at US$15 and tomatoes at almost US$11.  This year was a light year with the old beds taking a rest while the new beds were pressed into service.  Next season will include all beds with the hope that we can triple our output.  The new schedule will be written over the winter.  All citizens who are able should expect to put some time into the crops.

Nov 01, 2011 - All Saint's Day - Happy All Saint's Day!  Today the water meter was checked and found to be 8% below the June baseline.  We feel it is safe to say that a single showerhead change out has made a small impact.

In other utility matters, the local council has decided that everyone in the jurisdiction should be subject to a bi-weekly garbage pickup instead of weekly.  The premise is that food waste can now be accepted with yard debris.  The problem is that Dagostinia already disposes of it's food waste through composting and chickens.  Our micronation is now forced to choose between four choices:

  • Option 1 entails hauling our own garbage.  This requires sorting our own recycling to make the option worthwhile.
  • Option 1b entails hauling our own garbage and mixing recyclables.  This option is easier, a little more expensive, and not in keeping with Dagostinia's goals.
  • Option 2 entails doubling the size of our pick-up receptacle which also means increasing the cost.
  • Option 3 entails dropping our garbage off in little bags to others' receptacles, preferably owned by the jurisdiction.
  • Option 4 entails reducing our waste.
Dagostinia does not currently have the room or resources to sort our own recycling.  Perhaps in the future this can become an option.  Dagostinia's waste production is low enough that we have been able to keep the smallest receptacle allowed and never quite fill it every week.  As increasing our receptacle size would cost an extra $5 per month, it seems that this is grudgingly the best option.  In exchange we will cancel our newspaper delivery.

OCT 2011

Oct 28th, 2011 - Kiva Loan #3 - On Oct 26th, 2010, Dagostinia made her first loan through Kiva.  That loan was to Elmer Tuñque in Peru.  His loan was recently paid in full.  Congratulations to Elmer and his business!  Dagostinia has taken these funds and reinvested them into another venture.  Choijilsuren Tamjav lives in Mongolia and builds ger (yurt) frames.  Dagostinia believes that all people deserve housing and is pleased to help Choijilsuran with his manufacturing business to that end.

Oct 13th, 2011 - News Bites - The last couple of weeks has been light on major news but a few noteworthy items have come up:

  • The boardwalk has been built on part of Walk Way.  This will help facilitate a drier environment in which to walk and a larger congregation space on the steps of the Monarch's Mansion.
  • The Great Rat War of Fall 2011 is coming to a close.  After the July 17th article on the Small Threats Division catching a rat, it was found that this rodent population was much higher than anticipated.  A colony was found living in the subterrain of Garden Village.  The Small Threats Division sprang into action again as the Monarch started destroying nests and flushing the pests out.  To date the score is rat-trap:1, Monarch:2, Small Threats:13.  For a while dead rats were a nightly occurrence.  Sightings have diminished though signs of some holdouts can be seen.
  • Ketchup has been produced for the first time in Dagostinia.  A test batch was made and a tasting was done.  With some slight modifications a temporary canning operation will be set up.
  • On a related note a tenth business will be filing with the Commerce Department.  Watch this space for news!

Oct 01st, 2011 - Water Record - As part of Dagostinia's ongoing efforts to conserve water, the water report will be posted on the first of every month for all citizens to see.  For the month of October, water usage has been down an average of 11% compared to the June baseline.  This translates to a savings of 15 gallons per day.  Given the ease of the June study and the savings that have been realized, the Energy Department is planning a similar study for November.

SEP 2011

Sep 30th, 2011 - Ride like the Wind - During Gregorian September, the Bicycle Transportation Alliance of Oregon holds their Bike Commute Challenge.  The goal is to get employees across the state to ride to their job rather than drive or take public transit.  Dagostinia fully promotes this endeavor as healthy for participants and the environment.  This year, the Monarch participated in the challenge.  On his team of 37 participants the Monarch was the only member to log 100% on ridership.  For every one of the 20 workdays our illustrious leader rode morning and afternoon in weather ranging from rainy 50°F mornings to blistering 95°F afternoons.  The Monarch also ranked second highest on his team for distance at 237 cumulative miles.

The Monarch would like to challenge all micronationalists next year and will issue an official proclamation and challenge in late August of 2012.

Sep 13th, 2011 - What Wood You Like? - As Dagostinia is a micronation of reuse, reduce, and recycle (including other people's castings) we were rather pleased to pick up a bundle of wood.  Dagostinia has had plans for a 5'-6" gate where Duke's old run used to be.  This gate will separate the space into a recycle center in the front and an outdoor storage area to the rear.  This will also allow for better travel of outdoor related items, rather than having to carefully guide them through the warehouse.

The amount of pressure treated wood scavenged is 8' of 4x4, 15' of 2x6, and 42' of 2x4.  Two of the 2x4's are 10' long.  The lumber was seen on the curbside.  As it was being salvaged, the owners came out and offered the two long 2x4's.  Most of the shorter pieces are 2'-3' which is ideal for the split gate.

Sep 05th, 2011 - Out of State Visit - The First Family just returned from a trip out of state.  This trip was dual purpose.  Firstly, the Monarch's grandparents were paid visit and given some time to spend with their new great-grandson, the fifth citizen of Dagostinia.  A meeting had been made prior but under extenuating circumstances and a bit of duress.  Secondly, the First Family attended a very rural county fair.  The fair was so rural that there are only three towns in the entire county and the whole fair and rodeo could be taken in within a few hours time.  There was no midway.  Nonetheless it was very educational to get a look at how farming and ranching communities live in comparison to the more populated fairs that have been attended in year's past.  The First Family was more amenable to the laid back manner and less policed venue.  So long as you didn't let an animal loose you could pretty much go anywhere and through any gate.  The First Family had the honor of being related to the Grand Marshals and therefore were given Grand Marshal status.  The Monarch was humbled to be recognized outside of Dagostinia.

Sep 01st, 2011 -Water Report - On the first of every Gregorian month, Dagostinia's water usage is checked at the macro-utility's meter.  This month we are happy to report that even with extra irrigation, our usage was lower than expected.  This can be attributed to the low-flow shower head that was installed about a month and a half ago.  Due to the great amount of water savings from this one measure, the Natural Resources Department has been a little lazy to implement other measures.  Faucets may be looked into at some point.  The Monarch would like to send a kudos to all citizens for readily adopting the new standard and contributing to the savings.

AUG 2011

Aug 24th, 2011 - Stamps Released! - After a long 8-1/2 month wait, Dagostinia has finally printed stamps!  The stamps are the 2011 Issue 1 Flag design.  The Dagostinian Post Office has the stamps available for sale.  The stamps are valued at 1/2 min and are only for use in and around the micronation.  Stamps are available in full sheet (60), half sheet (30), and single panel (6) quantities.  Stamps are adhesive backed no-lick with smooth edges.  Perforations are graphic and aesthetic only.

Prices include shipping through both Dagostinian and the United States postal services.  Dagostinian residents may purchase stamps in person for face value.  Dagostinia authorizes these stamps to be used as currency within the micronation.

Aug 11th, 2011 - Multi-lingual Website - For those visitors of foreign tongues, Dagostinia now offers a handy translator on the website.  Simply scroll to the bottom and click the flag of the language you would like to see the site in.  The list is certainly not extensive.  Contained are the most spoken languages around the globe.  If you feel that there is a language that should be represented, please feel free to send a comment to the webteam.  Since the function is essentially a Google App, the language must be supported by Google.  For languages that are not indigenous to any particular country, your suggestion of the appropriate flag would be welcomed.  For now, Arabic and Japanese are being considered as the next additions.

Aug 09th, 2011 - Calendar Function - Dagostinia's web team has made navigating the website and nation a little easier.  Holidays were previously listed only on the Holidays page under the Cultural Department.  This awkward and clunky clicking has been replaced with a simple calendar on the front page.  You can now see upcoming events at a glance without the need to click around.  Holidays that are based off of revolving US Holidays are still forthcoming.  In the meantime, those events unique to Dagostinia are shown and available.

Aug 03rd, 2011 - Plum Line - The plum harvest began today!  Some early drops had been picked up by chickens.  Today however was the first effort made to harvest for human consumption.  The plum tree had been established well before Dagostinia by previous owners of the current micro-nation.   Eleven plums mark the first harvest tipping the scales at a pound.  Those citizens interested in getting their share should visit the food co-op.  Initial reports of flavor were noted as being "like honey".  These sweet treats will only be available for a limited time.  Excess will be dried and available as long as they last.

Aug 01st, 2011 - Patron Saint - Today marks the first day of Gregorian August.  Linguistic scholars will not take long to realize that Dagostinia is derived from a surname meaning "Of or From Augustine".  St. Augustine of Hippo is hereby designated as the patron saint of Dagostinia and we honor him in his eponymous month.  Understandably the month was named for Augustus Caesar.  However Dagostinians have chosen to use the month to reflect on St. Augustine and his missives.  One quote that Dagostinia has already chosen to live by is, "God has no need of your money, but the poor have. You give it to the poor, and God receives it."  For this cause we have been an active participant on Kiva.  The cynic may say that this is not giving our money away, rather lending it.  Whether we give or lend, we still use our resources to help those who are less fortunate.  We are proud to share this patron saint with such others as brewers and printers.

The Monarch encourages all citizens to appreciate what we have been given and to share it with others.

JUL 2011

July 28th, 2011 - Coon Spotting - A rare sight around here was spotted by the Office of Oversight in the wee hours of the morning.  Ever since before the founding of Dagostinia raccoons have never been seen.  Their presence has been speculated but this is the first ever live sighting.  No warning signs were given by the critterzens so no immediate action was taken.  In the morning it was discovered that the neighbors had lost their chickens to the night bandit.  A few eggs were stolen and some other minor food scraps.  Dagostinia was able to ward off the predator by simple secure coops for all livestock.  We will be on the lookout for further occurrences.

July 26th, 2011 - Crops Reports - Peas are finished for the year.  Many pods that were left on the vine will be seed stock for the next few years.  Surplus seed may be available.  Pole beans were planted in their place and should mature in the late summer for fall picking.  Carrots are growing heartily.  Tomatoes are starting to bear fruit.  Lettuce has bolted and needs to be picked.  Onions in poor locations have been pulled though are close in size to a billiard ball.  Blueberries have begun to ripen and the first mouthful was enjoyed today.  The addition of aged horse manure to garden beds seems to have been a major factor in this year's crops.

 July 17th, 2011 - E-rat-icated! - Dagostinia's Small Threats Division has successfully dispatched a major headache in Garden Village.  At about 3 a.m. some squawking was heard but quickly diminished.  In the morning a fresh rat carcass had been deposited near the presentation area outside the front door of the mansion.  This Norwegian rat has only been seen as flashes and little else until now.  While this is a major victory we remember well the wise words of a friend, "Where there's one, there's more".  Dagostinia has chosen not to use poisons of any kind to control rodents since the Small Threats Division takes their job seriously.  Any chemicals used to control rodents may very well end up in the Small Threats' systems.  We trust that if there are more that they will quickly be found, now that Tiger and Mama are aware of the potential presence.

"Good Kitty!"

July 06th, 2011 - Population Growth
- Dagostinia has just added a new citizen to the population.  This is a very significant citizen in many ways.  This is the first citizen added since Dagostinia was formed.  This is also the first citizen born under the Dagostinian flag.  Finally, being a son of the first family, this minizen gains the title of Prime Heredem Regem.  He will be known as Defender of the Population.  The Monarch is exuberant to have a male heir to pass the throne to.

July 01st, 2011 - Water Report - Dagostinia's water report for June 2011 has been completed.  The results can be seen on the Natural Resources page.  Total water usage was calculated at 2228 gallons, 900 of which was used by showers.  This represents 40% of the resources for an average of less than one 15 minute shower per day.  Changing to 1.5GPM shower heads will reduce monthly water consumption by at least 16%.  As 1.5GPM heads can be found for less than two wages the payoff should occur within a month or two.

There had been an initial consideration to hook up rainwater to feed toilets.  There are several back issues with this such as drilling holes through residences and freeze protection in winter.  It has been decided to save the rainwater for irrigation and explore using waste from bathroom sinks to feed the toilet.  Several devices are on the market though in true Dagostinian fashion a DIY approach will be explored first.

The monarch would like to thank all citizens who took the time to record their water use!  It is dedication like that that keeps the micronation moving ahead!

JUN 2011

June 26th, 2011 - Basilicious! - This weekend Dagostinia was host to a family visit.  Two events were noteworthy.  First, the amount of time and effort put into organizing and clearing out space was amazing and we appreciate all the effort that was put in by all parties.  Second, a pot containing five 12" tall basil plants was presented to a more than willing recipient, the Monarch himself.  The Monarch was overjoyed and with a tear in his eye exclaimed, "I love basil".  The long sniff following was most likely his appreciation of the aroma of the herb.  The new plants will be placed around the crop fields as per companion planting guidelines.  This gift was also welcomed as the only surviving basil start is currently one inch (~one digi) tall.  Fresh pesto or basil mojitos are surely in order.

June 24th, 2011 - Vector Control - The Agriculture Department has recently been testing out a local crop for mosquito control.  While out one evening two events occurred simultaneously.  The first was a mosquito bite.  The second was a view of a fennel plant.  Immediately a light bulb (perhaps the porch light) came on and a theory started baking.  A fennel frond was  selected and rubbed over the exposed parts of the skin with enough force to allow oils to be dispensed.  The fennel frond was left attached to the plant and not harmed (other than some bruising).  A few minutes later a mosquito came buzzing around and prepared to land on bare skin.  However the landing never occurred and the mosquito flew off.  This is purported to be a success.  This also aligns with an independent study 7 years ago at the Seoul National University.  Fennel is found to have many other uses as well and will continue to be explored and exploited within Dagostinia.

June 20th, 2011 - Water Update - Now that we are more than halfway through June, it's becoming very obvious as to where most of Dagostinia's water is being used.  Showers appear to be the biggest user by volume even though an average of one 15 minute shower per day is the norm.  All 20% of our savings could come from changing heads from 2.5 to 1.5GPM or less.

I suppose we could call that good but we were talking to a friend this weekend.  He described his plans for using rainwater to flush his toilet.  A brief revelation of physics and we realized that we wouldn't need to employ a pump to get the water from the barrel into the tank.  Since our rain barrels are elevated, the bottom of the barrel is darn near the top of the toilet tank.  As toilets are the second biggest user of water, this should reduce water usage by another 10% off of the June 2011 baseline.

Since our local water rates are steadily rising at about US$10 per quarter, we see these measures to be highly important.  On top of that, the local water bureau has announced that rates will continue to rise due to upgrades that have been made to the system.  A 13% water billing increase is proposed for FY 7/11-6/12.  Despite this, our bill should decrease by 10% on average from the June 2011 baseline with the shower head initiative, and 20% with the additional rainwater fed toilet initiative.

June 18th, 2011 - Monarch's Day - Today marks Monarch's Day, similar to many organizations' Founder's Day.  Our illustrious Monarch was born on this day 35 years ago.  Monarch's Day events included a hosted dinner.  Also of note was the first sighting of our national bird, the Chickadee.  The Chickadee House remains so far unoccupied but we are confident that it will soon be a shelter for this year's pair.

June 07th, 2011 - Second MicroLoan Made - Dagostinia today increased it's Kiva account to $40 and added a second loan to it's portfolio of microloans.  The previous recipient, Elmer Inoñan Tuñque is 53% repaid.    The new recipient of funds is Lassina Ouattara of Mali, Africa.  Lassina runs a small store in a rural village.  His loan will help him to purchase a variety of bulk products in the city and resell them in his store.  We wish the best of luck to Lassina and hope that his business will be able to grow as a result of this loan.

You can join us on Kiva by clicking this link.  If you are a micronation, please feel free to join our team.

June 06th, 2011 - Mouseacre! - This morning the Second Small Threats Division had deposited two freshly gutted mice in Dagostinia's courtyard.  This is in addition to a previous capture less than a week ago.  Dagostinia is grateful for the service of these two fearless critterzins.  Mice and rats have caused small problems in food storage areas, both human and livestock.  Traps have caught about a dozen vermin to date but the "Varmint Patrol" does not lag behind.  Since the intruders usually end up beheaded, disemboweled, and somewhat ingested, Dagostinia chooses to use no toxins or poisons in its own control efforts.

June 04th, 2011 - News Bites - Summer is in full bloom in Dagostinia.  Here are some happenings from the day:

- The outdoor pool was opened up today.  Three swimmers enjoyed the cool water in the 80 degree heat.

- Garden Terrace was opened up to livestock grazing.  Appropriate temporary fencing has been established.

- Duke's former run has been dismantled.  Dragonfly Trailers was granted permission to use the wood in their first build.  The run will be converted to an outdoor tool and storage area.

June 01st, 2011 - Water Awareness - Gregorian June marks Water Awareness month in Dagostinia.  For the next 30 days citizens will be recording water usage in an effort to conserve.  When the final tally is in, water conservation and rainwater use will be allocated to the largest users first.  Dagostinia uses 4000 gallons of water at approximately 10.34 wages (US$75.00) per month, on average.  This water is provided from the local macro jurisdiction.  Given Dagostinia's goals of being self-sufficient, this water use needs to be reduced.  The initial theory is that washing machines are the largest user.  This would be good news as rainwater can most easily be used in this application.  Many faucets are known to be rated at 2.5 CFM and could be fitted with 1.5 CFM heads.  After the first round of retro-fitting Dagostinia hopes to reduce water usage by 20% by whatever means possible.  A chart of the results can be found on the Natural Resources page.  Dagostinia challenges other micronations to do the same!

MAY 2011

May 31st, 2011 - Splinter Cell - A splinter cell had been found infecting Dagostinia.  The cell was a right hand operation of one of the citizens.  The splinter had been known about since yesterday but was allowed to fester for a day until the time was right.  As of this evening, 8:30p, the splinter cell had been removed from Dagostinia.  The area is under heightened security to be sure that no parts of the group remain.

May 30th, 2011 - Memorial Summer -

Today marks the traditional First Day of Summer in Dagostinia.  The weather has been very cooperative with blue skies and temperatures reaching 60 degrees.  Outdoor activities were enjoyed today, rounded off with a barbecue of burgers, steaks, and vegetables in the evening.

In honor of the United States' concurrent Memorial Day, a flag was flown in the main park near the picnic area.

The forecast for this summer appears to be unfavorable as far as long periods of sun are concerned.  However Dagostinia is eager to make the most of what will be and to prepare for the fall and winter.  Agriculture will be cultivated to the greatest extent possible.  Where Dagostinia is unable to grow all her own provisions, others' excess will be procured and canned, dried, and otherwise prepared for long storage.

We continually look forward to the challenge of being self-sufficient!

May 27th, 2011 - Chicken Out - Last night on a routine check of Garden Village tragedy was discovered.  Buff, one of the laying hens was found dead in the coop.  Analysis revealed that the issue had been a prolapsed oviduct.  Though not uncommon, there is no real solution.  Buff had given one last egg before complete shutdown of her system.  Given that livestock can be considered useful in all aspects, she would have become a meal had she been found earlier.  Unfortunately rigor mortis had set in and the meat would not have been fit to eat.  She will not be immediately replaced as the remaining flock is able to handle all our needs for the time being.

May 24th, 2011 - Population ReDuketion - Duke was officially retired from Dagostinia.  Earlier this year he was provoked by a visiting minor.  The provocation led to Duke snapping at and biting the provocateur.  Duke was retained for many months afterward while several options were explored.  In the end it was decided that Duke should go to a responsible home without children.  The concern is not so much that he WILL attack children, rather that he has the potential to.  Were Dagostinia devoid of minizens, he may have been granted stay.  However in the interest of citizen peace of mind and minizen safety, he has been placed elsewhere.  The First Alarm Division is retired and there are no immediate plans for replacement.  Thank you Duke for your years of service.

May 23rd, 2011 - Garden Terrace - The Garden Terrace improvement is nearly complete!  Three raised garden beds have been built, a fence and archway erected, and a quiet sitting spot designed.  The archway, fence, and raised beds were all built with reclaimed materials.


A gate and some livestock fencing will be added in order to allow for occasional limited grazing space.  Exclusionary tactics will also be utilized in the garden beds.  Currently peas and lettuce are beginning to show which would otherwise be considered a tasty meal to chickens.  To the left of the photo can be seen the pea trellis with the tractor in the distance.  On the right can be seen a relaxing spot; a park swing flanked by two dwarf apple trees.

Garden Village is to the left of the photo.  The Peace Pipes and Windows to the World monuments are both to the right of the photo.

Future phases include a rainwater irrigation system, a river rock pad for the swing and fruit trees, and a cover to shade the swing in the heat of summer.

May 11th, 2011 - Mascot Games - The Recreation Department has spun off a new company called Mascot Games.  Mascot Games is the commercial side of the department.  The Recreation Department will continue to plan, build, and manage public recreational areas.  The new company will handle creation, design, and sales of the deck of cards, board games, and other indoor and outdoor games for sale to the rest of the world.  Mascot Games marks the ninth business to be registered with Dagostinia's Commerce Department.

May 06th, 2011 - Website Redesign - No, your eyes are not deceiving you nor have you gone color-blind.  The web team has been updating Dagostinia's website for a more professional and fresher look.  All pages are now coded in one of three ways.  Main pages and departments are all titled with a tan header; divisions and minor pages have a white header; business pages have a light blue header.  Sidebar information on any page is in a very light blue.  This scheme is intended to help the viewer have an easier and more positive navigating experience.  Over the next few weeks some more changes may be rolling out as testing and time permit.  In the meantime be sure to visit all of your favorite pages all over again and see their new makeover!

APR 2011

Apr 28th, 2011 - Museum Open - Dagostinia's Museum opened today.  Exhibits are viewable on the Museum website at museum.dagostinia.com.  The first four of many items have been uploaded.  Dagostinia hopes this to be a rich collection of the history that preceded her.

Apr 15th, 2011 - United States Tax Day - While official tax day falls on the 18th this year (due to some obscure Washington DC holiday), the 15th is generally the day when most folks are scrambling to get their taxes postmarked by.  As Dagostinia has not been recognized as a sovereign entity by it's macronational jurisdictions, we are compelled to file taxes.  According to the Federal and State tax rules, we have been allowed so many exemptions and credits that our returns come back in our favor.  That is, all taxes which were held back during the year were returned.  Not only that but schedule M (Making work pay) from the Federal Government has resulted in Dagostinia actually receiving funds from the U.S.A.  This is, of course, considered as foreign aid.  Until the United States recognizes us as a sovereign nation, thank you for the freedoms!

Apr 12th, 2011 - Sunshine! - Dagostinia's first official full rain-free day of 2011 was today.  Citizens enjoyed the outdoors, recreating and working on projects.  Temperatures were in the high 50's for most of the day.  The forecast for the next ten days predicts at least some chance of rain for every single day.  Dagostinia's residents are starting to get edgy and wishing for more frequent sunny weather.  On steady rain days the chicken coop has remained closed; the ducks have been free to roam.

Apr 05th, 2011 - Vandalism! - Dagostinia's official vehicle was damaged by careless actions several days ago.  While at a fueling station, the gas door was forcibly removed by an employee and then hastily replaced.  The damage was not initially apparent.  The next day after running errands, the vehicle returned missing the fuel door.  Only then was it obvious what had happened.  The perpetrator had broken the fuel door off and attempted to make amends by setting it back in place.  As Dagostinia is a nation of self-reliance only one thing could be done.  A run to the local junkyard yielded a perfect match.  Dagostinia's minizens set into action to help remove the damaged bits and install the replacement.  During the process a screw head broke off.  This only further served to teach the point that Dagostinians are resourceful.  The damaged screw was extracted and a new one used.  Total cost to Dagostinia: 1 wage, 37 mins and valuable lessons taught to the minizens.  No disaster is too big or small that Dagostinians will not rebound and grow from it.

Apr 01st, 2011 - Disaster Preparedness - Due to local disaster conditions, Dagostinia has been host to 7 victims who lost their homes.  The Monarch was happy to bring in the despondent folks and teach them about the Dagostinian way of life.  "These folks were so delighted to have a place they could call home.  Once they figured out some of the basics, they fit right in."  The Monarch granted special permission to these immigrants to become citizens.  They range in age from 13 to 58 and bring a wealth of experience with them.  Included in the lot are an experienced brewer, a lawyer, and a nursing assistant.  At least four of the noobizens are fit for manual labor.  This is indeed a proud day for Dagostinia.  Our population has almost tripled!

MAR 2011

Mar 22nd, 2011 - Declaration Day! - From the Office of the Monarch:

"Today, March 22, 2011 marks two years that Dagostinia has been official.  We could call it Independence Day but that is not quite true.  The Dagostinian calendar begins on March 22, 2009 but that doesn't necessarily make it New Year's Day.  It has been decided that this day shall be Declaration Day as this is the day we declared Dagostinia into existence.

"So what do we have to show for ourselves after two years?  Our main overarching goal has been self-sufficiency and weaning ourselves off of the tethers of our government and society.  During this economic recession, Dagostinia has remained economically strong, buying, selling, and trading at the same level as before.  We have expanded our food production to be less dependent on world resources and the dangers they might possess.  We have lessened our energy needs by installing CFL bulbs, insulating residences, and changing behaviors.  Rainwater storage has expanded from previous levels.  Our commerce sector now boasts eight businesses of varying industries.  We are giving foreign loans to aspiring individuals.

"What does our future look like?  Currently, citizens are working outside the borders for income.  We would like to expand our business sector to be more reliant on a wide range of customers rather than a few single entities.  We also aim to eliminate our debt to outside agencies.  We would like our water usage to rely more on the resources that fall on our nation.  We would like to further reduce our energy use and rely more on our own power sources.  We are exploring how to use our waste materials in the production of new materials, all recycled within the bounds of our nation.  Finally, we would like to be pioneers in the micronational world and help others to achieve the same goals.

"To our micronational friends, thanks for your support and camaraderie.  May our alliances grow stronger as we seek international recognition.  To the macronations we thank you for the tolerance you have shown and hope that someday we will be recognized as more than playing games.  To those who have paved the way such as Sealand, Hutt River, and Molossia we give our gratitude and hope that we can follow the examples you have set.  To the world, don't stop dreaming and let anyone stifle your dreams.

"Viva Dagostinia, viva micronazioni!"

Mar 20th, 2011 - Agricultural News - This year's crops have begun!  Two new garden beds were established and filled with composted manure and native soil.  Some of the old beds are enjoying a fallow year as they grow out cover crops.  Onions, peas, lettuce and carrots were planted in new beds.  Tomatoes, peppers, tomatillos, celery, melon, Malabar spinach and basil were started indoors.  Potato slips are being nurtured as well.  Indicators are that this year will be cool and rainy but more conducive to gardening than last year.

Mar 15th, 2011 - Internet Restored - Wireless internet service throughout the micronation was disrupted starting March 11th in the afternoon.  Terrorist activity was ruled out.  Technical support could not solve the problem necessitating a call to the contractor.  They were not able to fix the problem remotely and promised to send a technician out on March 15th.  In the meantime the local library and a neighbor's wifi were available.  By 2p local time today, internet was restored.  While the glitch was temporary it gave the nation pause to realize just how much the internet is relied upon for information, communication, and entertainment.

Mar 10th, 2011 - Visitors  - Five young visitors came to the micronation today for a change of pace from their normal routine.  They were quick to assist with the agricultural and other daily duties.  Two new raised beds were built between rain showers.  Several of the young visitors were more than happy to lend a hand with a hammer and handsaw.  They also offered some design assistance in the way of aesthetics.  A park swing was relocated and plans for a fourth garden bed were dismissed.  The awkward location will now be a quiet shaded spot to enjoy the micronation.

Mar 04th, 2011 - Thoughts from the Monarch - The Monarch has added a Thoughts section on his page and begun to fill it with quotes and quips that have inspired and fueled the founding of Dagostinia.  As many quotes are only generally known, they will be added as they are remembered or run across.

Mar 03rd, 2011 - Garden Village Update - Heavy continuous rain and other unsatisfactory weather has hindered progress around the micro-nation but progress has been made on the previous proclamation.  The fence structure and gateway for the Garden Village expansion has been erected!  Gates still need to be hung and other decor needs to be added.  Raised bed designs have been approved by the Office of Oversight and construction will begin soon.

FEB 2011

Feb 23rd, 2011 - Dragonfly Update - Dragonfly Trailers is taking part in the contest to gain capital for it's business venture.  You can see some pictures of trailer designs and vote for the entry at http://apps.facebook.com/dockerswearthepants/entries/14591.

Feb 15th, 2011 - Business Section - Dragonfly Trailers joined the expanding list of businesses that have started in Dagostinia.  Dragonfly is an offshoot of Istockhouseplans.  While the parent company has done exclusively residential design, it's new child will take hammer in hand to build small travel trailers that max out at 7' wide, 12' long and just over 6' tall.  A prototype is being designed that will be the first trailer for sale.  Dragonfly Trailers states that it will have an Arts and Crafts theme unless a potential buyer steps forward before the aesthetic phase in which case they can choose their paint and trim colors.  Future designs include vardos, teardrops, and mini canned hams.

Feb 12th, 2011 - Garden Village Expansion - The residents of Garden Village recently surveyed the Recreational Area and wild lands to the west.  The report came back that the "grass was greener on that other side".  The Monarch considered the proposal and issued forth a proclamation to expand Garden Village to more than double it's size.  A fence is being built to expand the village from 20'x28' to 50'x28'.  The next step will be to include several raised beds and other structures as needed.  The expansion will encompass several landmarks such as the Peace Pipes and Windows to the World which will remain under the jurisdiction of Dagostinia.  Garden Path will be slightly rerouted and South Cut will be decommissioned.

Feb 06th, 2011 - Superbowl Congratulations - The Monarch would like to hereby congratulate the Pittsburgh Steelers for playing a fine game in Superbowl XLV.  You have earned your way to this greatest of sports events.  The Monarch would also like to hereby congratulate and commend the Green Bay Packers for their fine offense and defense and their victory in Superbowl XLV.  Your attitude of sportsmanship and hustle was evident throughout the game as you connected passes, intercepted throws, and also through missed plays as well.  May your next playing season exceed this one.

Feb 02nd, 2011 - Wind Damage - High winds in Dagostinia led to some storm related damage.  A non-residential window was broken and the chicken tractor was crushed.  Thankfully it was empty at the time.  The window is an 8-pane, 2 of which were broken.  The main beam of the tractor was broken and will need some support.  Some other minor damage occurred.  Dagostinian citizens jumped to action and cleaned up the broken glass.  The window was set back up and secured into place until such time as it can be taken care of in a more permanent manner.

Wind storm damage in Dagostinia

JAN 2011

Jan 21st, 2011 - Honors Given - Dagostinia has begun to develop an honors system for its citizens.  This will consist of recognition and/or rewards for minor through major accomplishments.  The first award to be given out is the ßiŋqo (sinka) for minor achievements and accomplishments.  This can be for knowledge gained or tasks done that further the micronation.  Dagostinia looks forward to creating more awards and giving them out to those that excel in their endeavors.

Jan 14th, 2011 - Ides Status - Midway through the first month of 2011 and no news to report.  Dagostinian citizens are doing well and the nation is running smoothly.

Jan 01st, 2011 - Happy Gregorian Cycle - The new Gregorian year is upon us and we wish all of our fellow humans a Happy New Year (unless you're Jewish, Chinese , or Dagostinian).  Dagostinia's New Year will be a few months away on March 22nd.  May your resolutions fail after 365 days.

DEC 2010

Dec 25th, 2010 - Merry Christmas - The Monarch wishes to extend joyous and peaceful holiday wishes to all his citizens, all micronations, and all the world.  His wish list this year includes macronational accountability, micronational recognition, and omninational mutual tolerance and harmony.  On a more practical note, the Monarch is happy to have family, health, and peace of mind.  May you all enjoy the same.

The Monarch Family's Christmas Tree

Dec 14th, 2010 - Artists Honored - Dagostinia is beginning to honor artists!  The first work of art has been posted and is visible through the Library.  More works will follow.  DagPost will be releasing some of the images in future issues of postage.

Dec 10th, 2010 - Globalization - In a move to be more accessible to international recognition, Dagostinia has created a database for foreign versions of it's name.  Several Latin languages are listed with at least a dozen other Eastern languages as well.  Dagostinia is soliciting the help of native speakers to update the listing as necessary.

Dec 08th, 2010 -National Library Online - The National Library has begun to list volumes online.  Several electronic documents have been uploaded as well.  Citizens will be able to see which volumes are held and know where to find them.   Volumes which are readily available will be listed first, followed by those in storage.  Stored volumes will be marked for easy location and access.  Electronic documents are also available to the public, free of charge, without a patron card.  All electronic documents are understood to be in the public domain.  If you believe that you own copyright to any document in our online library, please send an email as well as documentation of your claim.  Statement will also need to be made as to whether the resource needs to be attributed or removed.

Dec 06th, 2010 - First Postage Stamp - The Dagostinia Postal Service is now in operation!  DagPost released it's first stamp today on the inauguration of it's postal service.  The flag is depicted on Issue 1 for 2011.  The stamp is valued at 1/2 min and is for use within the nation.  Service outside of the nation has not yet been set as for rates or frequency.  DagPost will begin selling stamps to the foreign market sometime in the beginning of 2011.

Dec 02nd, 2010 - Dagostinian Exploration - The Geography Department has expanded it's duties with a new exploration initiative.  The Department is now divided into Air, Land, and Sea Divisions.  As Dagostinia does technically not have any water features, the Sea Division will remain unmanned indefinitely.  The Air Division is responsible for observing and exploring everything from 50' above the surface to infinity and beyond.  Two Space Rangers and a Space Cadet have named and assigned themselves to Celestial Exploration.  We look forward to future missions!

NOV 2010

Nov 29th, 2010 - Commerce Grows - A new business has registered in Dagostinia.  Nanopedia Information Services is a web encyclopedia that offers snapshots of information and relevant links to other sources.  The company's website can be found at http://www.nanopedia.info.  According to the website, the business does not intend to compete with Wikipedia and other large content engines.  Rather it appears to be a springboard to the rest of the web.  Commentary on initial content offerings is that it is as advertised.  Content is light and not terribly specific.  However, links are included that send a user elsewhere on the web.  The site is intended to be family friendly and usable by school children as part of the Education Department.

Nov 23rd, 2010 - Freezing Temperatures - A cold snap hits Dagostinia.  The micronation is currently experiencing sub freezing temperatures and will continue to do so for the next few days.  Precipitation was forecast but minimal.  The recent wall insulation in the Monarch's mansion on October 23rd has helped to stave off the previously felt drafts and cold spots.  Garden Village has also had some weatherization measures enacted as well.  The Hen House is already double level with the second floor being windproof.  A heat lamp has been added to keep water from freezing.  The Ducks open walls have been boarded up to create a less drafty space.  The Small Threats Division has their guard shack in the shelter of the courtyard.  As temperatures will be warming above freezing soon, this makes for a good cold weather drill.  Other measures have been noted that will be addressed by the end of the week.

Nov 02nd, 2010 - Macronational Voting - One of the benefits of micronationalism is the refusal of macronations to recognize you.  Many micronations are striving for full sovereignty and this is a worthy goal.  But until the macronation extends that to you, you may still take advantage of them.  One of these advantages is voting.  Today marks Election Day in the United States.  Dagostinia took advantage of this macronational right by voting in our local elections.  Current political feel is that neither of the mainstream parties (or government for general) is apt anymore to serve the people.  It is more likely to serve itself.  To this end, Dagostinia stepped up to the polls today and threw a third-party ticket as much as possible.  Several measures were on the ballot as well.  Anything having to do with the general welfare of citizens was approved; however any increase in taxation was generally declined.  It is hoped that more folks will grow in their disgust of government and effect "real change".

OCT 2010

Oct 31st, 2010 - First Coin Design - Dagostinia's Treasury Department has created it's first preliminary design for a coin.  The half-wage, also known as the coffee coin, will be worth approximately US$3.63.  It features a steaming coffee cup and the words 'dagostinia' and 'one half wage' in dagscript.  On the reverse is a representation of a coffee bean and the national motto 'in omnia paratus', also in dagscript.  Coffee is the national drink of Dagostinia and this coin is designed to honor the specific beverage (double white chocolate mocha) and it's value.  Minting dates are yet to be determined, but a final proof will be struck and approved before production begins.

Oct 26th, 2010 - Dagostinia Makes Foreign Loans - Dagostinia has made their first loan on Kiva.  Our chosen entrepreneur was Elmer Tuñque in Peru.  He will use the capital to expand his poultry and feed business.  We applaud Elmer for his desire to help others become self-sufficient.  Dagostinia is home to 6 poultry and believes in the most local sustainability possible.  UPDATE: Elmer has been fully funded.

Oct 23rd, 2010 - Monarch's Mansion Insulated - The Monarch's mansion has been insulated!  A local outside contractor was chosen to fill the walls of the abode with dense-pack cellulose insulation.  The Smart Building Division of the Energy Department has stated that the upgrade will save the micronation Dω35 (US$254) per year.  The upgrade will be completely paid for via local utility incentives and a 'tax credit' from the United States.

Oct 22nd, 2010 - Treasury Department takes effect - Dagostinia's Treasury Department levied it's first tax today.  Istockhouseplans received funds and sent the required 5% to the Dagostinian Treasury.  The topic of taxes had been discussed and it was decided that a minimal tax was necessary in order to create a fund for Dagostinia to run from, rather than from the benevolence of it's citizens.  The Treasury Department will make every effort to account for every min spent and to not spend above and beyond what is absolutely necessary.  Should the national coffers run dry, voluntary benevolence is accepted.  In the event that none is available, a bond may be issued.  Should purchases of bond shares fall below expectations, Dagostinia will do as most citizens do when they do not have the money; wait until it comes in.  Dagostinia is pledged to never carry a deficit nor be in debt to any other entity longer than necessary.

Oct 13th, 2010 - Micronational Community Grows - Dagostinia offered an olive branch today to the micronation of The Kingdom of Myersia.  The token was well accepted and both nations have agreed to an accord of mutual recognition.  This is the second such micronation that Dagostinia has jointly recognized, the other being the Republic of Molossia.  The Foreign Affairs department of Dagostinia is willing to recognize all nations regardless of size providing that they strive for the general well-being of the global community and are in direct control of their land and population.

Dagostinia and Myersia have many common interests and goals and the friendship of these two nations seemed only natural.  As with our other friends, we look forward to advancing the micronational community for all of our greater good.

Oct 07th, 2010 - Garden Village Christened - Dagostinia's first village was recognized and christened on October 7th, 2010.   Garden Village is in the Homestead Province.  It covers 600sf and boasts 2 homes and a meeting place as well as several garden plots.  The town is laid out 4 streets by 2 streets with a village square.  Current residents are 6, though being non-human, no voting rights are assigned.  The 6 residents (4 chickens and 2 ducks) are hereby commissioned as sub-stewards of the town.  Their duties are to keep bugs and weeds at bay, aid in the composting cycle, and drive off small predators, en masse.  Daily operations are overseen by the Office of Oversight.

During the dedication ceremonies, several of the new residents cocked their heads in interest or clucked in agreement.  To celebrate, food scraps were thrown and devoured immediately.  Streets were raked and debris cleaned up.  New straw bedding was laid down.  A new sign post declaring the village will be added in the near future.

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