Foreign Affairs Department

£oriŋ o£ir∫ ðiþorðmiŋð

"The World at Peace"

Mutual Recognition:

Dagostinia recognizes all nations, regardless of size excepting the following conditions:

  • The nation does not have land under its direct control;
  • The nation does not have a permanent population;
  • The nation is unstable politically or otherwise;
  • The nation is racist, genocidal, non-peaceful or otherwise limits the rights of it's people;
  • The nation is involved in illegal or fraudulent activities;
  • The nation is run by a person or group of persons not of the age of majority.

We would be happy to make an accord of mutual recognition if your nation complies with our guidelines.  Having been at this for some time now it becomes apparent that there are some cliques amongst the micronations.  Dagostinia prefers to not align itself with any such groupings with the understanding that:  we may communicate and cavort with some folks whom you may not be fond of and; you may communicate and cavort with some folks that we are not fond of.  Our decision to communicate and cavort with others is neither an endorsement or criticism of other micronations.  We are friendly and communicative with a handful of other micronations but we are pretty sure that within that circle, there are folks that do not regard each other highly.  So we do our thing, learn and dispense knowledge, and sleep well at night.


In order to globalize Dagostinia for the world community, our list of linguistic constructs can be found here.


Dagostinia is currently not open for immigration.  Tourists to our nation will be allowed at a later time.  Dagostinia does not issue passports.  Passports bearing the name or likenesses of Dagostinia will not be honored in our nation and should not be honored throughout the rest of the world.

Other Matters:

Regarding affairs with the United States, Dagostinia considers it's citizens to have dual citizenship.

Dagostinia is a member of the intermicronational team on Kiva, an organization that lends capital to entrepreneurs in developing nations.