What is Dagostinia?

Dagostinia is a micronation project.

What is a micronation?

We have nothing new to add to a well addressed topic.  Start here.

Where are you located?

United States, Pacific Northwest.

Are you secessionist?

Not truly.  More like recessionist.  We are not actively trying to remove ourselves from the United States.  Consider it more of a disengagement.

Lots of micronationalists are downright batty.  You must be too.

Just like Christians, Muslims, and Americans, there are always a few nutters that ruin the image for the rest.  The batty ones are batty.  They do not represent us.  We are quite sane and serious but it helps to be a touch eccentric and have fun with the whole thing.

So you're not anti-American?

Probably not.  More like anti large and inept government, anti corporation, anti self-serving, etc.

So why do you exist anyway?

Glad you finally asked!  Dagostinia was founded on the premise that the government of the United States of America has lost it's way and is no longer performing the functions that they were established to perform.  One of these tenets includes the inability to protect her people.  Another tenet regards over-legislation of simply every aspect of life.  Do we really need a license to be married?  Should we really be required to carry insurance of every sort?  Do we really need a banking system that is no longer backed by anything of value?

You can't compete with the United States government!

No, this isn't a competition.  It's an experiment in self-sufficiency to see how much we can produce for ourselves.  There are many liberties that have been highly regulated and we intend to test out how alternative projects can accomplish the same liberties.

Are you growing pot?

Absolutely not.

Gun freak? - No.

Ultra-conservative? - No.

Ultra-liberal? - No.

Do you intend to get the United Nations to recognize you?

Hardly.  We don't count on that long shot to feel as if we've arrived.

How do you intend to accomplish all this?

Check out all our departments for more information.

Can I play too?

Sure,  find a micronation that suits you and join it.  Or start your own.

Can't I join your project?

Doubtful.  Very doubtful.  Dagostinia is not open for immigration or diaspora citizenship.  As the saying goes, you must be present to win.  At the current time, Dagostinia has no more space for extra citizens unless you have lots of money and like to be told what to do.